Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bye March, Hey April

I managed to miss a whole month of blogging! That's quite impressive! But its been a ridiculously busy month so I do have an excuse. I'm currently in the midst of dissertation madness with 2 to write before the beginning of May. 12,000 words and 2 lots of research is my life right now. As I sit in the library researching male prostitutes and the female nude (oh art history my internet history is going to be oh so interesting!!) I thought I'd share a few of my Instagram photos from the last month…

Making decorations for the party… so simple and so effective. Pompoms may well be my new therapy!

I finally got to visit the sea life centre… this little beauty was my favourite! Well worth a visit if you're in Brighton.

Sunny mornings heading to work at Bills in Lewes

March was my birthday month and sparkles from mummy are still making me smile now <3 

Uni work, prosecco and blossom on the green at home in the countryside

Party outfit prepping
The garden had a makeover...
And of course the house too!

Macaroon munching… so spoilt by all of my lovely girlies! 

And party posing with my gorgeous housemate. 

My home girlies headed down and we played on the slot machines and ate more cake than should be possible at Blackbird tearooms. 

When all the celebrations were over I enjoyed seeing the blossom burst onto the trees and the flowers on show everywhere. Spring may just be here!

Which of course means a bit of clothes shopping right? 

This is a big deal. My fridge has been empty for weeks and I've been feeling very uninspired with cooking. Fingers crossed an Ocado delivery will help slightly. So. Much. Food. 
And then last week Sarah came to play. We did a trashy club night which was a fundraiser for the American Football boys. Such a fun night as the hangovers the next day only served to remind us!

And the stolen champagne glasses and silk Hermes tie… whoops! 

And now we're here… 

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