Monday, 9 July 2012

This Model Life

In 2002, acclaimed documentary maker, Jane Treays followed 2 models for a year and produced a 3 part programme for Channel 4 featuring young models and showcasing their journeys in the cut-throat world of modeling, and their travels to find fame in England, New York and Tokyo.
The Channel 4 description alludes to the content and although much as you would expect its fascinating to see the industry from the models eye, in my opinion, its even better than seeing it from the perspective of an agency as was the case with The Model Agency (although I did also love that!).
We’ve heard about the glitz and the glamour, the tears and the tantrums - but what’s it really like to work at the (kohl) face of the fashion industry?
With unprecedented access to one of London’s leading agencies, this series gets the inside story on the world of modelling from the scouts, the bookers and - of course - the models themselves.
Upon airing, the show was reviewed by The Telegraph in great detail. It is raw and edgy, focusing on an established model, Erin O’Connor and a brand new model, Ruth Crilley. Its great to see the comparisons between the two, the way the director has opted to portray their highs and lows and most of all how far fashion, and this industry, has come in the last 10 years. There really were some great outfits!!

If you’d like to watch the three episodes of This Model Life, then you can do so at 4OD HERE, or if that doesn’t work, try YouTube HERE!

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