Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pimms Ice Lollies

This week is set to just get hotter - yay! We might finally get a smmer; we can at least hope!

These yummy grown up lollies are perfect for sunny days and garden parties and incredibly easy to make.

Ingredients for 8 lollies:

20 strawberries, hulled and halved
150ml Pimms (or more if you're feeling thirsty!)
300ml lemonade left to go flat
Handful of fresh mint leaves

Lolly moulds

Push 5 strawberry halves, cut side facing out into the lolly moulds. Mix together the pimms and FLAT lemonade (to avoid expansion when freezing) and pour over the strawberries. Add a couple of mint leaves to each mould and insert a wooden lolly stick - the strawberries will hold the stick in place. Pop in the freezer over night, run under the tap to release when you're ready for refreshment! You could of course vary the fruit and add raspberries, pieces of orange and lemon to ensure a truly 'Pimms' experience.

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