Saturday, 30 June 2012

Step into the Fairytale... Festival Attire

Last weekend was the start of the festival season… Isle of White, Hackney Weekend, and that is just the beginning. So, I thought I’d put together a pinboard of some of my favourite festival must haves!A little white dress is a basically a necessity… it can be styled up or down whatever which way you fancy! This one is availiable now at

As is a pair of good wellies, and of course some dancing shoes for if the sun does make an appearence!

Short shorts, long cashmere socks.

SHORTS - TRF @ ZARA (£20-£30).

A Barbour of course. The first one is a little ebay find, the second from the Barbour Spring/Summer collection which can be found here…

Beaufront Jacket
Never jeans. Never ever jeans. And thats speaking from experience. Vintage is always better - there’s nothing worse than being in the same Topshop dress as every second girl standing around the main stage for the headline act. This is one of my favourites…

This gorgeous tea dress cost 20p from a jumble sale! It was floor length with huge shoulder pads but it had a little visit to the tailor and now is the perfect length for summer - with or without tights depending on the kindness of the British Summer!

And a gorgeouss, shoulder bag - big enough for a (plastic) bottle of Vodka so that you don’t to pay the extortionate prices in the middle of the festival allll day long.
Mulberry (£695) - this would be my ideal, classic and elegant yet also practical.
Miu Miu
And of course a bit of glitter, nothing beats it!!

Later in the eve, this is one of my absolute faves as it is so classic and cosy, the bfs will work just as well of course…

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Cable Knit Cashmere Sweater

A big scarf, some dry shampoo and some good concealer along with a bit of bronzer - what more could you possibly need?!

Tartan scarf - vintage (car boot sale bargin at 50p!), Dry shampoo - batiste, available at Boots, Powder and Concealer both by MAC and I swear by them, and the Bronzer is from Bare Minerals. MAC lip conditioner is also amazing for the festival and summer season as not only is it SFP but it gives your lips a little bit of a tint - post on summer make up to follow!

But essentially, even though you’ll probablly end up looking something like this, if not ALOT worse! it will be an amazing amazing experience…

My first festival was when I was 16, now I’m 21 and apart from the disgusting toilets I still can’t get enough - music, fashion, amazing people and the BEST memories. And my top tip? Meet someone that has backstage access/make friends with security. The toilets are always SO much better!!! You can also look into stewarding, free tickets and food, nicer facilities and you can do your shifts before the festival starts so you can still have the best experience with friends that have paid… check it out here:

Friday, 29 June 2012

A Little Change...

So, I've decided to move my much loved blog to blogger from its previous humble Tumblr home ( Hopefully this will make blogging easier as well of course as providing that all important place to share thoughts, ideas and goings on!

English Rose is my virtual diary about fashion, friends, travels, new finds and other things that keep me busy. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, queries or comments! X