Sunday, 12 June 2016

10 Things I Learnt From Goodroots London

Goodroots London is an urban wellness and food festival, which was hosted for the first time this year at the amazing MC Motors venue in Dalston. Sarah and I headed down for the day on Saturday and were more than a little bit impressed with the set-up, speakers and food offering. Full post tomorrow but here are 10 things that I learnt from Goodroots London. Here's to next year! 

1. It is possible to spend 8 hours in one venue, pretty much just eating.

2. Meditation makes sense and its not nearly as strange a concept as I once thought. Bye naivety (in this instance at least)!

3. Molly from Desmond and Dempsey is an absolute babe and the pj range is even better in real life than it is in the photographs.

4. Banana and nut butter is the best pre-gym snack (and Pip Black, founder of Frame and all round fitness guru said it so it must be true).

5. Food without gluten or sugar in it can be really really tasty.

6. Healthy eating / yoga / gym / food obsessed people are really lovely and everyone actually chats to each other when standing in queues / listening to panellists / eating. There are no cliques and resting bitch faces like there so often are at fashion events.

7. The deputy editor of Men's Health magazine is totally cool and I'd like him to come and hang out at my next birthday / event / party. Please?

8. Starting the day early with a good yoga teacher really is the best.

9. An old car workshop can be the coolest event space.

10. When you meet all the food bloggers / writers / cooks / fitness coaches that you follow on Instagram in real life, most of them are just lovely normal humans and its very refreshing!

Full post on the amazing Goodroots up tomorrow.

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  1. Just give me food and I am happy! Sounds like a nice festival :)