Sunday, 21 June 2015

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

A week of catch ups, summer dreaming, home, ice lollies and skirt lusting... 

1. Home. A whole weekend. It went too quickly- they always do. But so nice to have sister time, baby time and mummy time. I have a whole week scheduled to go home and chill out in August and I can't wait! 

2. Skirt hunting. This LK Bennett beauty, the Emilia Print Skirt, popped up on my Instagram this week (thanks Made In Chelsea, above). Having spotted another perfect skirt in Harpers Baazar (bottom right) I have been on the look out for a couple of maxi skirts and the LK Bennett style is gorgeous. Work or play, its on my list list for sure. If anyone has seen any more affordable versions please let me know, otherwise I won't be eating for the next month! Come on sale... 

3. Summer dreaming. Weekends away, summer picnics, long weekends in the city and a little bit of exploring. Floaty dresses that are probably too short, brown legs, flip flops. Please can you go away already big black clouds and muggy London, I'm ready to play. 

4. Future planning. Conversations on it. Thoughts about it. With mummy, the boy and friends. Uncertainties are always there for me, as they are for us all. But I love the conversations where everyone is on the same page and suggestions from a year ago, that were very much just ideas at the time, start to come into fruition. London living is definitely one of those for me... I can't believe that I've been living here for nearly a year, that all my friends are almost in the same city and those that aren't really don't seem to be so far away. I think 24 might be a pretty good age! 

5. Ballerinas. My 2 1/2 year old niece to be exact. 'Hello my lovely audi-lence' - before proceeding to put on a ballet show for us. When I got up to join in with her '[big sigh] no auntie Ali, just watch me!'. That little one is desperate to start ballet classes in September and I feel certain that her gorgeous dramatics are only going to continue to grow when she does! 

6. Supper catch ups. One of my home friends has finally made the move to London and on Wednesday night I headed over to see her gorgeous new flat, eat, drink and catch up. Olives, homous, Sauvingon and an Indian take out, along with all the nattering made for a pretty good way to spend a Wednesday. 

7. Ice lollies. In the park with my two big brothers. I don't see them that often and as Sunday was Fathers Day we all made a bit of an effort. Lunch, a walk in the park and a fab ice lolly was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It's a hard one for me as I would love to see them more so when it's them making the effort to make plans it makes it even better! 

8. The boy, meeting me from the train and then heading back to my flat. He moves into his own flat soon which is incredibly exciting and it will be so nice to be able to move around my room again (it's not that big) but the novelty of him being around is definitely still there. 

9. Saturday night supper (blogged here). You know those night that are just lovely? This was one of them. 

10. And the fact that those lunch time homemade salads are still making a regular occurrence. I'm not going to lie, I'm proud of myself! 

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