Sunday, 5 January 2014

10 things that have made me happy this week...

1) Fabulous fabulous Christmas celebrations with the fam, extended family and yet more family!!

2) A school reunion like no other. I loved 6th form and going back to see everyone in that setting was slightly strange but more over really lovely. We ended with a little bit of a pub crawl and some very good catch ups!

3) Crisp cold days. Boots, leather gloves and big cosy jumpers. It really doesn't get any better!

4) Secret santa with the girlies and making plans for years to come; I just don't think we can resist when we're all together!

5) Seeing the boy after a 3 week break. Being apart definitely makes you realise what you have and for us, living 2 minutes apart at Uni I think having breaks only makes us better.

6) Heading back to Brighton. Yes there are horrible horrible exams but its so lovely to see everyone and the stories from New Years eve are pretty unrivalled!

7) Our litre and a half bottle of Prosecco on NYE. There is something distinctly classy about drinking it out the bottle, I'm sure of it!!

8) Knowing that in 7 days I get to go home again and have a proper 10 days of chill out time. I literally cannot wait!

9) Whipping out the fur scarf. I found my favourite mink coloured faux fur scarf upon my return to uni and had forgotten quite how much I enjoy wearing it.

10) Finally getting to use my super gorgeous new bag, which I am more than a little bit in love with, purchased with some Christmas money from Daddy! I couldn't resist the lipstick either!

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