Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Choocywoccydodah: Bar du Chocolat

Tucked away down a little road in Brighton, Middle Street to be exact, is the Choccy Woccy Bar du Chocolat. Choccy Woccy make the most incredible cakes from chocolate, as you'd imagine. These should give you an idea…

Towards the end of last term we all needed a bit of chill out time and some relaxation after essay deadlines. Our place to fulfil an afternoon of relaxation was of course ChoccyWoccyDoDah. Or, to be more exact, the Choccy Woccy Bar du Chocolat. A haven to chocolate, cake and incredible hot chocolates, all in an ethereal, Alice in Wonderland style fairlytale setting. You are immersed in chocolate and it really is an incredible experience.

We surrounded ourselves with huge chunks of cake, tea and hot chocolate until we could no longer see the table. I like cake but I could barely eat a 1/3 of my chocolate indulgence, the slices are ridiculously huge! My advice: visit on a very empty stomach but do make sure you visit, this place is definitely an experience!

Choccy Woccy have bars in both Brighton and London. If you haven't already, be sure to check them out! 

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