Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Vogue Festival 2013

The Vogue Festival has just been announced. The 27th and 28th April 2013. A Saturday and Sunday - perfectly convenient for those working or studying during the week which should ensure a fab audience turnout.

The Vogue Festival 2013

An amazing experience for anyone that has an interest in fashion, the festival allows a glamorous insight of all things fashion and design. With the opportunity to meed leading designers, photographers, models and fashion editors and gain a unique insight into their lives and work any budding creative, and even industry professions, will want to attend.

What struck me though when I clicked onto the website this morning was the extortionate ticket prices. Paul Smith & Alexa Chung is £40 (+ booking fee), The Secrets to Creating a British Brand, £30 (+ booking fee) and Michael Kors also £40 (+ booking fee - of course!).

Last year, the festival was a set price for each day - and much cheaper as far as I can remember - and attendees were invited to all of the days talks and experiences. For me, the festival is about broadening knowledge of the fashion world for those keen to enter it, or simply looking for a bit of insider knowledge and I would expect this to be affordable.

As a student with a keen interest in fashion I would love to attend but the idea of forking out £100 (consider travel, food etc) for a talk that lasts an hour or two is not so appealing. Yes, the event is high end and Vogue is couture but it should also be accessible. Isn't that what the fashion industry strives to do - ensure accessibility and a platform for creativity and expression? I hope that in future either I have a slightly nicer student budget or wait until I'm working or the event team decide to add a concession ticket price. I'm still going to see if I can stretch the budget - the talk by Alexa Chung will be incredible I'm sure - but I may resent doing so more than a little, 'work experience' may have to become a key phrase in that little bit of spending!!
You can find out more about the festival, and book tickets at:


  1. Definitely going to look into this more - sounds great! I imagine the talks will be insightful enough to excuse the price of the tickets (fingers crossed!)

    Hattie xx

  2. I hope so!! Waiting for the rest of the schedule to be published before I decide what to go for! X