Saturday, 9 February 2013

Instagram catchup

This week has been a busy one: a dinner party with good friends, baking incredible fairy cakes (vanilla cream cheese icing with chocolate and ginger nut pieces - serious yum!), prepping for the launch of Promenade magazine and the launch party on Thursday evening, lots of chilled snugly movie nights with the boy, some pottering in the lanes and some work for the Vintage Fair. I though an Instagram catch up was the best way to share it all! 

The aftermath of fairy cakes and dinner!

My gorgeous niece, Ona; she really is the chubbiest little beauty!

The fash soc girls posing ready for the launch party <3

Nat, the amazing lead singer from Gamble Street (blog post to follow!) who performed an incredible set at the Promenade launch party.

Issue #3 of Promenade - its fab, read it!

Lazy, hangover days. Some of the best moments are spent with friends still suffering from the night before at 10pm!!

Amazing finds in the South Lanes. I head to Rome in a month and these are incredible little snapshots, one of those things that I was just 'meant' to find.

Another one of the things I was 'meant' to find. Brighton really does have everything!

Jo Malone window display made me smile when I was pottering today :)

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