Saturday, 2 February 2013

Macaroons, slot machines & far too many seagulls!

After a week of being in bed with flu, Saturday was a sunny day and my housemate Helen and I decided that we needed to get out and enjoy it. Brighton really is at its best when the sun shines!

We began by trekking up the hill to Kemp Town, a bohemian part of Brighton, filled with boutique cafes, quaint pubs and more charity shops than you can imagine! Right at the top of the bigbigbig hill is one of my favourite cafes, the Real Patisserie and Bakery. There are three branches of the patisserie, but the Kemp Town one is by far my favourite, tucked away at the top of St George's Road, with a single long wooden table in the middle of the shop; perfect for breakfast. We went for the macaroons. £1 each and incredible. I think I'm quite the macaroon connoisseur (basically I'm a bit obsessed!) and these really are good. 

Macaroons, and other yummy goodies. I'm gonna admit that I couldn't resist the last piece of sundried tomato, pesto, pine nut and roasted red onion pizza - amazing!

Helen had never had a macaroon before so after 21 years I decided it was time to change that and I think that she was convinced!! It was such a gorgeous day that we decided to take out our goodies and wander down to the seafront. We walked past the gorgeous town houses and the best balcony - imagine having breakfast with a view of the sea everyday. I would be out there wrapped in blankets, no matter what the weather I think!

We wandered along the promenade, considering how much nicer the beach is when it's not covered in half naked tourists but contemplated that we really should make more of an effort to somehow end up by the volleyball courts whenever possible to watch the beautiful boys playing. Brown, beautiful boys has to be one of the best bits of summer, and perks of living by the beach no?! 

Somehow, we ended up on the pier, playing with the slot machines. I completely regressed back to being ten years old and on cold English beaches with my parents for winter weekends away and loved every minute of it! Managing to resist the bucking bronco and rides was a challenge but somehow we managed to stay vaguely classy but we just about managed it and headed home to walk up in bed until the heating came on! The perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday. 

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