Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gamble Street

Sunday night was a Gamble Street night. A 4 piece alternative rock band from London, Gamble Street are fab (and there's the added bonus that the bassist is the boys housemate and one of my good friends!!).

‘Gamble Street aim to be recognised as a monumental live act, making crowds jump to the beat of their powerful, alternative rock anthems the world over. From the upbeat, festival vibes of ‘Lucy’, to the epic, deeply emotional chords of ‘We’ll Find Our Way’, this is a band to be reckoned with who you’ll certainly be seeing and hearing more of in the very near future.’

They performed at a really cool Brighton venue, Sticky Mikes, and with a fab turnout and a lot of good friends it was an amazing night. There were two warm up acts and then Gamble Street as the headliners, by which point everyone was very happily merry and completely got into the swing of things!! It was an amazing night and Gamble Street are definitely going to go far! Make sure you check them out on YouTube and follow them on Twitter @Gamble_Street.

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