Sunday, 22 September 2013

Store cupboard supper

This is one of those suppers for when there is nothing in the fridge and you need a bit of comfort food! Pasta, with a fresh creamy sauce and using ingredients which, if you're anything like me, are likely to already be in the cupboard!

You'll need:
Fresh or dried pasta, we used tortellini
Tinned tomatoes
Sundried tomatoes
Fresh Tomatoes
Olive Oil
Creme Fraiche

And this is very very simple! Chop two or three cloves of garlic, fry it off in some oil.

Pop some water on for the pasta to boil and when its bubbling throw it in. Add the tinned toms to the garlic and simmer gently for a couple of minutes. Roughly chop the fresh tomatoes and add these and the sundried to the pan.

Leave to cook for a couple more minutes, add a handful of roughly torn basil, a good twist of salt and pepper and a few spoonfuls of creme fraiche.

And serve! Delicious, quick and simple with a good garlic kick!

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