Sunday, 29 September 2013

10 Green Bottles

Looking for somewhere to enjoy a nice glass of wine and some nibbles; date night; girly night or simply a bar thats a bit different? On Friday night I headed to 10 Green Bottles in the Brighton South Lanes for drinks with the girls. I'd been meaning to try this place for a while. It looks inviting - armchairs in the windows, good lighting and shelves full of wine bottles!

We took a window table and were immediately greeted by a fairly attractive waiter with an array of wines to choose from. The bar serves wines by the glass, carafe and bottle and also does some really yummy looking nibbles and sharing platters which definitely adds to the atmosphere. The crowd was young professionals but it wasn't pretentious. The waiters can talk confidently about the wines and were more than willing to give me some tasters when we got chatting about a particular bottle, 'My Best Friend' - a Chenin Colombard and Sauvingon combined which it was suprisingly good! We went for a Sauvingon and spent a good couple of hours chatting with some chilled out jazz in the background! What I like about the place is that that all of the wines are made by independent producers; the selection is varied but not huge and you know what you're getting is going to be good. This is nice Brighton and such a welcome break from student life, despite only having been back for two weeks.

All images taken from the 10 Green Bottles Website (I forgot my camera!). 


  1. I'm planning a trip to Brighton soon, so might have to check this one out!

    Hmm maybe...

  2. This place looks so cute, love the big central table.
    Tooootally know what you mean about a break from student life - two weeks at uni feels like two months!! XX

  3. Wine tasting .. my favourite past time amongst tasting of any food and beverage in general :) LOL