Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fabulous Fashionistas

"Don't wear beige; it will kill you."
Fabulous Fashionistas. A one of documentary aired on channel 4 last week, produced by Sue Bourne, featuring 6 women with an average age of 80. All are stylish and inspirational and I was truly gripped for the hour that the programme ran for. Bourne's work has warmth, intelligence and compassion and above all it is interesting and striking.

The six women ultimately have indomitable spirit, a desire to keep going, to look stylish and to have fun. I can't touch my toes at 22, the idea of being able to do it at 87 is simply incredible. As is working for the first time at 70 in Gap. Lady Trumpington compounds the style - traditional and sleek, dressing for the House of Lords at 91. Not many of us, no matter how much interest we have in style, could do that. The women are different and inspiring: a dancer, a charity shop shoper, a model, all redefining ageing. 

When I clicked on the programme to watch it, I thought it would be a fashion documentary. Channel 4 are good at them. Daphne Selfe was in the advert, she's been a Vogue model and works professionally,  despite only taking up modelling at the age of 70. When I started watching I was transfixed by the capability of the women, their determination despite their challenges.

Clothes are a big part of the documentary and they range from smart to stunning and above all remain striking. No matter what the women have ended up doing they are all confident and vibrant. It may not all be about being old or young, dull or vibrant but this programme truly serves to show that no matter what age, women can still stand out. The women are elegant and embracing; they change the consensus of old being defined as incapable, as is so often the very British view that we adopt.

Its how I see my mummy when she's 80 - stylish, enjoying life and making the most of everything. More than anything, the documentary was thought provoking and well worth a watch!


  1. I watched this too! So so inspiring! Its also made me sign up to yoga classes!
    Jenna x

  2. Women in their 80's are fun to sew for because they are open, have a good sense of style and want to be looked at and adored. When they find a 65 year tailor sparks fly in the romantic moods of fashion maven and her garment king!