Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Mistley Thorn

On Sunday evening, just before I headed back up to uni, mummy took my sisters and I to The Mistley Thorn for a farewell supper. Our local restaurant, just a few minutes walk away from home, the restaurant specialises in fish dishes and does so very well!

The interior is traditional with a mix of furniture and artworks adorning the walls. Staff are attentive and friendly and while the menu isn't regularly updated it is seasonal and there's always several things to choose between.

We began with a good bottle of white, a French Sauvingon which is always a good choice here, and surveyed the menu. It took a while but eventually we all went for fish of some description, apart from my veggie sister Joy who went for a delicious gnocchi dish. By this point the wine was gone and we had to order another bottle - we're good at social drinking okay! - and we tucked into some homemade focaccia and soda bread while we awaited our dishes.

Joy began with a soup which was spicy and fresh simultaneously, while mummy went for smoked salmon, also really good. I was saving myself for my main so just ensured the wine glasses remained topped up!! 

The star of the show was definitely my dish, a fish stew with mussles, prawns and an array of white fish, in a tomato broth with new potatoes in. It was delicious and the chips I ordered on the side were the perfect salty addition for dipping. This was my last meal at home so I was definitely making the most of not cooking for myself!!!

Mummy and Becky went for the mullet with veggies and Joy's gnocchi is below. What I like about this place is that while the dishes are not haute cuisine, everything is tasty and moorish- just the sort of restaurant that is perfect to have on the doorstep! 

Dessert finished the meal perfectly, chocolate yumminess which was rich and indulgent. Classic yet tasty and well presented. I love food and apart from my family a full fridge is one of the things I miss most when at uni so this was the perfect way to say goodbye for the term, or at least until my next visit home to stock up!!

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