Sunday, 8 July 2012

Burberry 1978 Campaign

The Burberry 1978 campaign, shot by Lord Lichfield in Brighton

I've posted on Tumblr about the gorgeous Mulberry Spring Summer 2012 campaign but every time I see this beauty I can't help but love it more.
Patrick Lichfield’s glorious pictures remain glowing; undimmed, luminous, keepsakes to cherish forever, even as the epochs they epitomise slowly fade —Sunday Telegraph (Stella), September 25 2011
The name of Patrick Lichfield, photographer, is indelibly associated with a world of beauty and style that he inhabited with conspicuous success for more than 40 years. From the time of his first commissions for Life, Queen and Vogue magazines in the mid-1960s, he was chiefly identified as a documenter of this lustrous milieu. Throughout his career he photographed personalities from all walks of life: stars of stage and screen, politicians, aristocracy and royalty, sportsmen and women, models and socialites, as well as ordinary men and women going about their daily business. He was an acute observer of the world around him and of the period in which he lived and worked.

As Earl of Lichfield and cousin of The Queen, Lichfield had entrée to a world unknown to many. His intimate photographs of the Royal Family and their circle afforded a glimpse into an inaccessible world. His 1970s photographs of the British manufacturing industries are historic as many no longer exist today. His editorial and advertising work included fashion, motor, tobacco, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and airline campaigns. From 1978, for 17 years, he created the prestigious Unipart calendar, shot in a number of exotic locations worldwide. He also worked long term for Burberry, Olympus Cameras, the British Tourist Authority and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

Curated by Martin Harrison and divided into sections on Memory, Land, Empires, Cultures and Styles, Perceptions is filled with photographs from Lichfield s entire archive, from the 1960s to 2005, over half of which have never been seen before. This superbly produced retrospective, the first representing his complete career, establishes Patrick Lichfield as one of the great British photographers of the late 20th Century.

The retrospective book of Lichfields work is available from Amazon, priced at £19.50 (used copies available from about £8)

My instant connection with the photo comes from an upbringing of summers in Brighton and the surrounding countryside and my current uni situ at Sussex but more than anything it lies with the style and beauty of this striking image. I now really want to uncover the rest of the campaign.

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