Friday, 6 July 2012

The Orphans Arms

I’ve just found a great new brand: The Orhans Arms. Makers of great hand printed apparel. Pieces include printed tees and sweats that are a bit quirky but made with gorgeous materials and the makers of the gorgeous clothes are now also a part of the YBDs.


Joshua Wilks & Jay Shipley founded The Orphan’s Arms in the early summer of 2010 with the solid conscience to create a label that anchors itself uniquely within a context of English heritage and culture. This is a declaration stemming from what they saw as a lack of creativity and originality behind casual labels currently for sale.From humble beginnings at East London’s Brick Lane market The Orphan’s Arms experienced a fantastic response to their poignant and reactionary motif; it seemed there were more than just a few similarly minded individuals jaded with the modern face of faceless manufacture. So, utilizing their own personal experiences and knowledge of literary tradition, historical interest, singular wit and teenage memories they set out to create a collection of totally unique prints, each perfectly indicative to the English heritage style they set out to preserve.
The intellectual palette of The Orphan’s Arms now spans and juxtaposes the entire gamut of English society.


The Orphan’s Arms collection is a wealth of uncompromising prints, heralding a renaissance of cultural appreciation, inspired by England and its startling heritage. Intellectually rigorous, each piece is inbued with the label’s modern sentiments of nihilism and ironic humour. The Orphan’s Arms simple yet classic shapes serve as an ideal canvas for display- all matched with equally classic colours. Innovative and experimental hand dying and bleaching is employed, culminating in a series of coloured garments seemingly resultant of the busy scrubbings of a Victorian Workhouse laundry. Each item demands to be washed in virgin tears.

The Orphan’s Arms: For him, for her, for the dead, for the dying, for the condemned.

How does it make you feel?

A quintessentially English label that harks back to a time of gin palaces, poor houses and public executions. King George IV is on the throne and Paris Hilton upon the public tongue.

And, between the narrow cobbled lanes of London’s old Jewish quarter, within constant earshot of the squeaking plague rats who gather in the mire beneath the haunting shadow of a Hawksmoor church, lies the workshop of The Orphan’s Arms, creating fine hand printed apparel: each one unique, each one an artwork, each one a piece of heritage.

And there, by the light of burning tallow, grown strong on cheese and home brewed beer, we craft our wares for those who keep lovers, and never old friends.

Available now on ASOS its definitely worth checking out:

Image of POACHER'S CHOICE blue raw t-shirt
Image of DE SADE black t-shirt
Image of ENGLISH LADIES black raw t-shirt
I think I actually prefer the boys range and thing they would look great over a pair of fitted girls hotpants - they are most definitely on my summer wishlist!

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