Saturday, 7 July 2012

House Sitting

For the last week I've been housesitting. At a gorgeous house in the middle of the countryside, driveway lined with apple orchards. For a cat, a kitten and a 17 year old - the drama is endless and entertaining!

The house belongs to mummy's business partner and is also the home of her children's nursery where mummy happens to work. I've grown up here, with the nursery opening when I was 4 and first went to school, spending summers playing in the field and hanging out with the family (they have 2 daughters, one of 17 and the other 24 so I grew up playing with both of them, being in the middle in ages).

This is the first time that Catherine (daughter number 2) has been left at home alone while her parents have gone abroad so I'm here 'just in case'!

It's not too much of a chore though. The house is gorgeous, a barn built from scratch by the family to mirror the old barn that was already on the land (above). Big glass windows, airy rooms and a lovely space to be in. It really is one of those houses that just feels nicer when its busy though so we've had randomers nearly every night -supper, drinks and whatever else that may have gone on that I, in my big sister role, am not meant to know about!!

This has become quite normal to wake up to in the morning - a huge pile of boys shoes!

My favourite room of the house is the gorgeous kitchen. Designed especially to fit the room and perfect to cook in. Everything is in the right places and the big double fridge always seems to be full!

Housesitting definitely has its perks, yummy food being one of them and the spa membership that we have for the two weeks being another!! Tonight I get to contend with a party of teenagers and am just hoping its sunny enough for them to all be outside in the garden. In the meantime we're heading to the spa to unwind from the week- more to come on that!

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