Saturday, 26 October 2013

Home Sweet Home

I spent last weekend at home, eating drinking and catching up. There is nothing better than being sat at home in the sitting room in front of a fire, with a big glass of wine and mummy! I really didn't do anything apart from eat and drink and chat but sometimes I think that's all that is needed. The last few weeks at uni have been crazy busy and it was a relief to have a little bit of a break. Home is cosy, countryside and the fridge is always full - my kind of heaven!

We went to Lucca for lunch on the Saturday, Nutella pizza is incredible. This was followed by a trip to the newly opened Shephard in Langham on the Sunday - not great - but the company giggled and my niece kept us all entertained! The Aspalls was on tap though and that for that alone it was worth the trip! Babies are a huge component of my home life as everyone around me knows - a 1 year old niece and a 7 week old Godson really do keep me entertained and I love to go home for some playtime with them!

Home grown raspberries and a good bottle of Sauvingnon really do sum up my perfectly chilled weekend at home!

Friday, 25 October 2013

10 things that have made me happy this week...

1) The perfect weekend at home, catching up with family, babies and going home to an incredible fairy lit bedroom courtesy of mummy.

2) Cosy nights with my housemates. The heating is on and the house is finally warm and homely! Its essay time. My onesie is my life right now.

3) Cashmere socks. With winter boots. Incredible.

4) Fizzy water.

5) Poached eggs and smoked salmon for weekend breakfast.

6) Supper with the boy. Its been ages since we've had anytime together and the last couple of days have been lovely- not that we've had much time but I'm glad we made some. It's important to get out of the uni bubble and have some us time every so often.

7) Red lipstick. Mac does the perfect shade. Its perfect for a adding a bit of colour on an Autumnal day.

8) Listening to a storm raging when I'm all cosy inside.

9) Progressing Sussex Style's brand new online website, featuring daily updates: fashion, lifestyle, arts, music, beauty. Its a lot of work but incredibly satisfying and fingers crossed it will be launched in a  couple of weeks!

10) Making party plans with friends and family for the next couple of months. There is nothing better!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Life Lately #7

I've been rubbish with blogging over the last couple of weeks so here's a little catch up in pictures...
Veggie crisps and homous ≤3 
Homemade smoothie and a blog catch up 
Ultimate hangover cure
Movie night: chocolate coated strawberries

Girly drinks selfie
Mirror pic; i love these boots to bits! Italians really do do it better!
Supper: the best bits
Oxford Circus Topshop... I'm still trying to justify buying this to myself!
The coolest place to work, apparently. From doorstep chic. 
London river boat baby!
Healthy supper - rice, roasted veggies and spinach
Market shopping
Trying on sesh for the Sussex Style social 
Take out and wine night (have you got the gist that uni really is just about eating and drinking yet...)
Homeward bound ≤3

Monday, 21 October 2013


This article has just been published on Elite Daily, composed by Paul Hudson and I couldn't resist sharing. I think it sums up the y-generation perfectly and is a list of just a few of the things we could all do with remembering every day! 

The 100 Things Every 20-Something Needs To Realize 

As Generation-Y, we’re the new frontier. We’ve experienced the largest generational gap in history and sometimes life isn’t easy. These are 100 rules Generation-Y should live by:
1. You need a minimum of an hour to get ready before work or class.
2. Don’t hit the snooze button. If you gotta get up, then get up.
3. Shaving is more than a suggestion. That goes for men and double for women.
4. If you eat enough pizza, you will turn into a tub of oily cheese.
5. Running isn’t just for four-legged animals.
6. Getting high gets old.
7. Getting drunk doesn’t. But don’t tell that to your liver.
8. Unprotected sex is a regret waiting to happen.
9. The quiet ones are the best between the sheets — although it may take some time for them to open up.
10. Dating is overrated and usually a waste of time.
11. Don’t date unless you think you may fall in love with them.
12. Facebook is boring and a waste of time. It is. Really.
13. When you think you’re missing out, you’re not.
14. Nothing good happens after 3 a.m.
15. Sex is better if you are emotionally involved with your partner.
16. Reading is always better than watching TV.
17. Watching reality TV makes you dumber.
18. Yay, you can twerk!! But can you do anything useful?
19. The way people see you is just as important as the way you see yourself.
20. Friends are hard to come by. Don’t ignore those you have.
21. Most people want something from you.
22. There is no such thing as free.
23. You don’t have a hole in your wallet; money just disappears.
24. Putting more money into your car than the car is worth makes you look like a dickhole.
25. Listening to music too loud CAN make you go deaf.
26. Drunken sloppy sex is only good the first time — maybe first two times.
27. Don’t spend money on things you don’t need because you won’t have money for the things that you do need.
28. If you want to know if the relationship will work out, then let him see you without your makeup.
29. Being in a relationship is not a reason to let yourself go.
30. More tongue is not the answer.
31. Ladies: your teeth are for chewing. We don’t like to be chewed.
32. Guys: she may say it’s an exit only, but that’s only because she’s never given it a try. #Shocker
33. Stop using hashtags. They’re not always appropriate.
34. If you can get her into bed before date 3, then you’ll get bored with her by week 2.
35. If you give it up too soon then he’ll consider you conquered and move onto the next mountain.
36. Women are never free.
37. Men may not only be looking for sex, but sex is definitely a part of it. A big part.
38. Waiting until you get married to have sex is stupid.
39. Bad sex = bad relationship.
40. If you’re going to get a tattoo then make it small and have it somewhere inconspicuous.
41. Savings accounts are not for dummies.
42. You will hate yourself for getting a new credit card.
43. If you’re feeling sh*tty, get some exercise.
44. You should always do your best to look your best because it will make you feel your best.
45. Orgies.
46. Learn to play chess.
47. The world works, in large part, by manipulation.
48. Having the ability to read people will get you further in life than anything else.
49. It’s not just whom you know, but also what you know that matters.
50. You should live in New York City for at least a year.
51. You should live abroad for at least a year.
52. As a rule of thumb, don’t do drugs. You don’t ever know what you’re actually taking.
53. Less is almost always more.
54. Beauty lies in simplicity.
55. Overcomplicating things leaves things overly complicated.
56. If you sleep around with a lot of people, then you are a whore. But who cares? As long as you’re clean, you’re clean.
57. Make mistakes now. Making them later will be too late.
58. We all want what we can’t have. Remind yourself of that every day.
59. You can do less and produce more.
60. It’s all about efficiency.
61. You can’t buy time.
62. Time itself is an illusion. Always think: “I’ll be there before I know it.” And you’ll prove yourself right each time.
63. They stopped making good music in the 90s.
64. You don’t actually want to be a DJ. You just don’t understand what it means to be one.
65. Lower your expectations and you won’t be so disappointed.
66. Using toys can be fun for both parties.
67. Size does matter. It goes for both sexes.
68. If you expect oral sex then have the courtesy to lather and rinse beforehand.
69. Don’t say I love you unless you mean it.
70. Don’t be afraid to fall in love.
71. Yoga.
72. Violence is for idiots. Use your words.
73. Being smarter does make you the better person.
74. Kill them with kindness.
75. You don’t need to be an assh*le to get ahead in life, but you can’t be a pushover either.
76. Your cellphone is ruining your life.
77. There is no substitute for face-to-face human interaction.
78. Get checkups regularly. It could save your life.
79. If you’re going to smoke, then use a vaporizer.
80. It is morally wrong to be obese.
81. A good blowjob goes a long way.
82. Slow and gentle will always get her off. Rough and intense only works on occasion.
83. If you’re using the pulling-out method, then you have a good chance of pulling out a baby in a few months.
84. Don’t drink cheap liquor.
85. Don’t eat crap food.
86. Drink lots and lots of water. Most of you are chronically dehydrated.
87. Meditate.
88. Sudoku helps fight off future dementia.
89. You don’t have ADD.
90. You’re most likely to be your own cause of depression.
91. The way you see the world is all that matters. But understand that you may be delusional.
92. There’s always more to the story.
93. People lie.
94. You are alone in this life. Accept that and appreciate the moments when you don’t feel so alone.
95. Family is more important.
96. If you don’t work to improve yourself everyday then you are wasting your life.
97. Passion is what makes life worth living.
98. You are always better off than most people in the world.
99. You aren’t entitled to sh*t — nada. You get what you earn.
100. No matter what happens, never give up. Ever.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

'Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions'

This last week has been horribly busy. A day of gallery visits on Monday, uni work and two presentations and essays to get done for ever looming deadlines. Its been non stop! Last weekend, however, did have time of a little bit of a chill out and I spent a couple of hours on Brighton beach with some good food from Iydea and a walk home through the park.

Sunday night ended well and really epitomised what student life is really about! Holding off the Saturday night hangover with really good food and ending the weekend with a take out.

The previous nights escapades 
80s night girlies
I can't deal with the classic Dominos so this weekends choice was Thai. We used to find the place, a student founded take out site that works all over the country - if you haven't tried it yet then definitely do, it will make life okay!!

Thai Kitchen arrived after just 45 minutes, Poa Pia (vegetable spring rolls), Pat Nam Mun Hoi (mushrooms, peppers and broccoli with oyster sauce and prawns) and Kang Kieo Warn (thai green curry which we also opted to have with prawns). I was excited!

And it did not disappoint...

I'm heading home for a few days to the countryside and cannot wait - getting some blog posts done (I have so many drafts from the last couple of weeks!) is definitely

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Shake Shack

Last week I headed to Shake Shack for one of my favourite's 23rd birthdays! An LA favourite, this place has just opened at the centre of the market in Covent Garden. I didn't know much about it unless I arrived apart from that you couldn't book so was excited as to what it would be like.

We began the night at Sarah's, getting ready, popping open some fizzy for birthday celebrations and catching up. I love seeing my home girlies and it always a novelty during term time to get to meet up as we are all dotted all over the country. 

The birthday lady

Located right in the centre of the old market this place is pretty cool. When you arrive you have to queue for a table but everything moves fairly quickly and the staff are really accommodating. We managed to get space for 10 of us to sit together and headed to the kiosk to order drinks. There is one rule that we didn't realise though: no alcohol without food. So of course we ordered a bottle of wine and chips. And then did the same again as each person arrived from work. (Most of my friends have graduated as I took 2 gap years!!). 

By the time the last person arrived we were starving and having pursued the menu for the last hour or so we were keen to order. I went for the only veggie option, the 'shroom burger, which was really good, while everyone else selected from the range of different 'proper' beef burgers.

Its almost like a posh McDonalds - you order at the kiosk, and get a buzzer that tells you when your food is ready. Mmmm we were very happy when ours went off, after a mad rush between ordering and eating to Tesco Express to buy candles for the birthday cake!

The evening was so chilled and lovely, despite the amount of wine consumed and this place is well worth a visit! Its well priced and yummy and a great place for a quick bite to eat. We ended up staying for hours before moving on to Leister Square and some slightly more hazy memories!