Friday, 25 October 2013

10 things that have made me happy this week...

1) The perfect weekend at home, catching up with family, babies and going home to an incredible fairy lit bedroom courtesy of mummy.

2) Cosy nights with my housemates. The heating is on and the house is finally warm and homely! Its essay time. My onesie is my life right now.

3) Cashmere socks. With winter boots. Incredible.

4) Fizzy water.

5) Poached eggs and smoked salmon for weekend breakfast.

6) Supper with the boy. Its been ages since we've had anytime together and the last couple of days have been lovely- not that we've had much time but I'm glad we made some. It's important to get out of the uni bubble and have some us time every so often.

7) Red lipstick. Mac does the perfect shade. Its perfect for a adding a bit of colour on an Autumnal day.

8) Listening to a storm raging when I'm all cosy inside.

9) Progressing Sussex Style's brand new online website, featuring daily updates: fashion, lifestyle, arts, music, beauty. Its a lot of work but incredibly satisfying and fingers crossed it will be launched in a  couple of weeks!

10) Making party plans with friends and family for the next couple of months. There is nothing better!

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