Saturday, 19 October 2013

'Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions'

This last week has been horribly busy. A day of gallery visits on Monday, uni work and two presentations and essays to get done for ever looming deadlines. Its been non stop! Last weekend, however, did have time of a little bit of a chill out and I spent a couple of hours on Brighton beach with some good food from Iydea and a walk home through the park.

Sunday night ended well and really epitomised what student life is really about! Holding off the Saturday night hangover with really good food and ending the weekend with a take out.

The previous nights escapades 
80s night girlies
I can't deal with the classic Dominos so this weekends choice was Thai. We used to find the place, a student founded take out site that works all over the country - if you haven't tried it yet then definitely do, it will make life okay!!

Thai Kitchen arrived after just 45 minutes, Poa Pia (vegetable spring rolls), Pat Nam Mun Hoi (mushrooms, peppers and broccoli with oyster sauce and prawns) and Kang Kieo Warn (thai green curry which we also opted to have with prawns). I was excited!

And it did not disappoint...

I'm heading home for a few days to the countryside and cannot wait - getting some blog posts done (I have so many drafts from the last couple of weeks!) is definitely

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