Thursday, 25 July 2013

Afternoon tea for two

Tuesday was my first day off in a while. Having to pay rent over summer when you're not living in a student house is really not ideal and as such I'm working ever hour I possibly can in order to both cover the rent and have some money for fun times! Days off are treasured!

This week, my big sister popped home from London for a meeting which we conveniently managed to tie in with a little spot of afternoon tea. It was raining so the garden and the cute tearooms near us were out of the question so instead we made a quick stop off at Waitrose and headed to the kitchen.

We started with crumpets. Not really summery but I had a craving. Hot, proper butter and silly amounts of Marmite smothered on them. Delish!

Next it was on to the main attraction.
Scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam.
We could be bothered to make our own but Waitrose did us proud and we certainly didn't complain! The WI did pretty well too with the jam!!

Cream on first...

Topped off with mountains of raspberry-yumminess. I didn't know which order I preferred the jam and cream in so of course had to test out both methods. I'm still not sure but pretty sure I won't mind re-sampling just to check another day!!

A perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon and lovely to catch up with my sister again! The big question is though, which way do you do you prefer your scones? Jam on cream or cream on jam; I'd love to know! <3

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Supper with my favourite

Sunday night was a catch up night. One of my oldest friends is having a baby and due to uni and work commitments I haven't seen her nearly as much as I would have liked to over the last few months. We headed to The Sun in Dedham, a very quaint country pub with a great food menu, tucked off the high street in picturesque Dedham. Its a favourite with my friends and I for the cider on tap and huge beer garden.

After a long time surveying the menu and looking at baby scan pics (so hard not to be distracted!!) we both went straight for mains and chose the same: Fresh Hake on a bed of jersey royals, runner beans and a tomato and black olive sauce. We were served homemade breads to start which were delish and the main was superb. Tasty, fresh and filling!

After mains we couldn't resist a peek at the dessert menu but nothing took our fancy. So, we did what all sensible girls do and headed down the road to Milsoms for chocolate. Another favourite local restaurant, the dessert menu never fails and the outdoor seating on a summers eve is just perfect!

We took a table amoung the roses and checked out the menu. Not being able to decide between homemade profiteroles with chantilly cream and dark chocolate and the chocolate platter - milk choc mousse, choc brownie and berries set I'm white chocolate- we went for both and decided to share. Sensible yet again right?!

It was all heavenly. Chocolate-y yumminess and when combined with the company and a very good catch up it made for the perfect Sunday eve in the sunshine!

Less than 8 week to go until the bubba is born and I cannot wait! The mummy to be is getting pretty excited too...

Here's to gorgeous catch ups with old friends in the summer sunshine! 

Perfect pasta

Pasta recipes are my go to. Quick, simple, cheap and most importantly filling. This is one of my faves: simple tomato sauce with tuna and sun dried tomatoes, and occasionally a few black olives, to add a bit of variety to this classic recipe.

1 red onion
2 cloves garlic
3 spring onions
1 courgette
A handful of mushrooms
3 large fresh tomatoes
Tin chopped tomatoes
Tomato purée

Tin tuna
Handful sun dried tomatoes
Dried thyme
Salt & pepper 
Dried pasta of your choice 

Serves 2

Begin by finely chopping the onion, spring onions and garlic. Heat a heavy based saucepan with a little olive oil or vegetable oil and gently fry off the onion, adding the garlic after a few minutes to ensure it doesn't burn.

Pop a pan of water on to boil while you prep the rest of the veggies. Once it's boiling add the pasta, allowing about a cup for each person. 

Meanwhile, chop the mushrooms and courgettes and add to the onion.

Chop the tomato into small chunks and add this to the mix as well. Cook until the the veggies have fried off for a couple of minutes. Throw in a tin of tomatoes, a tablespoon of tomato purée and leave to reduce down for a few minutes until the sauce thickens. 

Season well with salt, pepper and some thyme and then add in the tuna. 

Chop the sun dried tomatoes a little an add them to the pan! Stir, taste, season more if needed and serve! Great with a sprinkling of mozzarella or a handful of olives. Enjoy!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Promenade #4

Promenade issue #4 has just been released.

This is big.

Produced by Sussex Style, the society that I run at Uni, the magazine is produced bi-annually and covers everything from fashion to lifestyle, film and music reviews to beauty tips. It aims to epitomise not just a student lifestyle, but instead offer something for everyone, guys and girls alike.

I thought I'd share a few pics of the brand new issue with you, a little taster before you click through and read the whole magazine here

This issue is all about summer. And festivals. And summery festival fashion. Not to mention a fab shoot on Brighton beach featuring some of my favourite brands, including Saima Majid who I'm currently interning for (and who I should mention currently have a 50% sale on silk scarves here!).

The shoot is probably one of my favourite things about the issue. Its bright, bold, classic and eye catching. What more do you need from summer fashion? The models are gorgeous society members and the shoot was styled by the society's Fashion Director. What a fab job they did and a massive thank you to all of the brands that collaborated with us to ensure the perfect execution. There's lots of stunning shots but here's a couple as a sneek peek...

An article on Miss Delevinge demonstrates that this is not just a student fashion magazine. Instead Promenade uses an educated tone to really convey a point. Without the need for demonstrations as Sussex is seemingly so infamous for!! 

Summer festivals are a key component. From Bestival nautical make up advice, to festival fashion and some tips on the places to go outside of the mainstream calender, this issue of Promenade really does have something for everyone. From exhibition reviews, cultural discussions and the bands to watch, the selection of articles truly demonstrates eclectic Sussex.

I choose not to write or edit the magazine and instead just oversee editorial meetings and try to ensure that everything gets done to schedule. I like taking a back seat on this part of the society. It means that it's as much as a surprise to me as to you when the mag finally goes to print (or to Issuu, perhaps - we haven't quite got the funding for a print run yet, donations more than welcome!!). The magazine is going from strength to strength and I can't wait to see what direction the Winter issue chooses to take.

Check out issue #4 and back issues here and like Promenade on Facebook here.


Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Norfolk wedding

A few weeks ago, I headed to the middle of Norfolk for a long awaited family wedding and I couldn't resist sharing a few of the pics. The formal dress code was a little off putting at first, as much as I love playing dress up as there was just nothing in any of the shops without spending an absolute fortune!!

In the end I settled on a dress that I found at Spitalfields- a gorgeous red with a plunging neck line but moderate in length, as necessary in order to gain the mothers approval!! I teamed it with some incredible black wedges, a black jacket from Mango, a statement necklace that was a pressie for my 21st and my much adored Butler and Wilson clutch. 

The Outfit

We started the day with a hearty brekkie of dippy eggs and soldiers, eaten whilst doing hair before jumping in the cars for the two hour journey into farmer country! 


The ceremony was in a very cute little church in a little village, and after a very classy quick change in the Vicar's dressing room, we took our seats, baby included.

Family pic
It was a gorgeous service and the couple made the journey from the church to reception in a tractor and trailer to celebrate their farming roots. It was a really nice touch, especially as there was room for some of the guests to join them.

The happy couple



Wedding guests

Arriving at the venue, we were greeted with Champagne cocktails, a gorgeous room in the country mansion house and a chance to check out everyone else's outfits - always a high point in a group of people you don't know very well!! It was lovely to spend the day with my sisters and mummy, something that we don't get to do very often.

A room with a view

The reception mansion

Mummy and daughters 

We sat down to the Wedding Breakfast, already feeling slightly tipsy and were greeted with frozen melon balls in kilner jars, followed by a delicious risotto and tart tatin for dessert. We passed my niece round the table and she was more than happy befriending every man in the room - something that I'm sure she'll only continue to do!

Table decs

Kilner jar watermelon

Place names



And the main affair

Joy Joy

The happy groom

The biggest bed I've ever slept in!

The day was gorgeous and the best way to sum it up is with a few more pics. Thanks to Andre and Rachel for inviting us to such a lovely day. It has only confirmed just how much I love weddings!!

Mummy and I 

Mid afternoon posing

Some of the gorgeous flowers 

And the oldies dancing

Chilling out the morning after the night before


And brekkie the morning after the night before! So delish!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Life Lately #6

My last week and a bit in pictures...

New hair products; girlfriends; clear out

Lunch in 10; summer flowers; country walk ending at the perfect pub for chunky chips and corona 

Puppy dogs; summer walk; ice cream

My gorgey niece; girly supper and the perfect dessert; babysitting selfies

The most gorgeous lab in the world; flowers for mummy after a busy day to brighten the kitchen

Carboot sale wonders; mummy shopping is the best kinda shopping; antipasti in the sunshine

Sunday afternoon drinks; new phone case- I couldn't resist!; perfect pasta (recipe to follow!) 

Northampton walk and cow whispering with the boy; clean linen is the best feeling; prepping for a new bubba- my godson to be!!! 10 weeks to go!

Decorators at home; new wallpaper in the upstairs hall; sale shopping and a gorgeous Topshop find!

There's also lots for sale on my eBay at the moment with more to come- AllSaints, Topshop, Jack Wills, Zara and more! Check it out at if you fancy!