Thursday, 25 July 2013

Afternoon tea for two

Tuesday was my first day off in a while. Having to pay rent over summer when you're not living in a student house is really not ideal and as such I'm working ever hour I possibly can in order to both cover the rent and have some money for fun times! Days off are treasured!

This week, my big sister popped home from London for a meeting which we conveniently managed to tie in with a little spot of afternoon tea. It was raining so the garden and the cute tearooms near us were out of the question so instead we made a quick stop off at Waitrose and headed to the kitchen.

We started with crumpets. Not really summery but I had a craving. Hot, proper butter and silly amounts of Marmite smothered on them. Delish!

Next it was on to the main attraction.
Scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam.
We could be bothered to make our own but Waitrose did us proud and we certainly didn't complain! The WI did pretty well too with the jam!!

Cream on first...

Topped off with mountains of raspberry-yumminess. I didn't know which order I preferred the jam and cream in so of course had to test out both methods. I'm still not sure but pretty sure I won't mind re-sampling just to check another day!!

A perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon and lovely to catch up with my sister again! The big question is though, which way do you do you prefer your scones? Jam on cream or cream on jam; I'd love to know! <3

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