Saturday, 7 May 2016

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

I walked back from one of my meetings this week in the sunshine and it made the day a truly happy day. I had a spring in my step (see what I did there) and the idea of brown skin, picnics and long summers days are now tantalizing close. So, apart from the gorgeous weather, here's what's made me happy this week... 

1. Saturday night sister drinks at The Book Club. My middle sister was in London on Saturday evening for supper with friends. She lives at home in Suffolk so it's lovely to have little bits of London time with her wherever possible. We popped to The Book Club in Shoreditch for cocktails and nibbles before she went on to supper plans. An Aperol Spritz and a big glass of Picpoul were the perfect start to a Saturday evening! 

2. A bank holiday roast dinner, cooked entirely by the boy. I was so impressed. He cooks supper about once-a-year if I'm lucky so going all out with a roast was more than a little bit impressive! 

3. A yoga class with my biggest sister. We visited The Light Centre in Belgravia for a dynamic class on Thursday night and managed to squeeze in gin & tonics on the way home! 

4. New trainers. I'm in love. They're back, comfy, feel amazing when I run in them and are so light. Nike Pegasus shoes are my new faves. 

5. A visit to Grace Belgravia. We're hosting an event with work at the amazing Grace, a women's only members club, spa and health club just around the corner from Knightsbridge station. Its tranquil, the juice menu is great and the white space is amazing first thing in the morning. Meetings here are always a pleasure, especially when I have the choice of the menu at breakfast time!

6. My new found favourite salad: little gem lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mozerella, sundried tomatoes, edamame beans, black pepper and lemon. It's delicious and has been serving me very well for lunch! 

7. The discovery of the exercise bike. I don't know how it's taken me so long. It's better for my knees than running, I can watch tv while I'm on it, and can do 10km without any training so it helps with the morale a bit more than running, whilst  being good cardio at the same time. I'm finding it a very easy way to spend half an hour. 

8. Wednesday night supper. Jamie's Italian, two of my favourite people and an array of food (so much so that it deserved a seperate blog post!)

9. Orange polenta cake. Granted this was tied into Wednesday night supper but I felt like it needed a whole number to itself! It was so good. Citrus and polenta in cake form really does seem to be a winning combination. 

10. Lunch breaks in the park. They've started. On Wednesday, Berkeley Square filled up and when I popped out for some fresh air about half one, the garden was packed. Every bench seemed to be taken, there were groups of people on the grass and everyone seemed to be smiling. It's been the same every day since. Getting out of the office at lunch is great. When the sun's out its even better. I still don't quite understand who the people are that are in the pub with big glasses of wine at 3pm (they're dressed in suits by the way...) when I walk past on my way to a meeting on a random weekday but as long as I get a bit of a wander I think I'm satisfied for now! 

So, here's to a weekend where London is meant to be hotter than Ibiza and I have plans for prosecco in the park, a haircut, a yoga class and some catch ups. I hope you all have lovely weekends! 

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