Monday, 16 May 2016

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

The past week has been a fun one. Sociable, filled with food and busy days a work with an upcoming office move. It's been lovely to see some of my favourite faces and enjoy London in Spring by having the time to explore a little. Here's what's made me happy this week... 

1. A visit from Catherine. As you may have seen in yesterday's blog post, one of my oldest friends came to visit for the weekend and it was amazing to catch up with her and spend a couple of days exploring East London. I find that weekends so often get booked up well in advance and it was great to have a couple of days to do all the things that have been on my list for a while.

2. Tying nicely into: Street Feast. Dalston Yard opened again last week for the summer and we headed down on Friday night. BoB lobster is my absolute favourite. I love the atmosphere, the fact that it's a stones throw from the flat and that there really is something for everyone.

3. A picnic in the park and an afternoon of catch ups. I spent last weekend making sure I had as much time in the sunshine as possible and an M&S picnic in Green Park and catch ups with Yasmin was a pretty good way to make the most of the sunny weekend!

4. Fat Buddha on the roof. I've tried a couple of the Fat Buddha yoga classes at The Hoxton hotel but it was great to do an outdoor class on Saturday morning. It was a little chilly still, but so nice to be out of a studio and know that summer is just around the corner. It does make me want to go and spend a week practicing on the beach with brown skin though... If someone could book me some flights to somewhere hot and sunny (not fussy where) that would be great?

5. Sweet potatoes. I think I've eaten them about three times this week. They're my new favourites. Totally versatile and delicious, they're definitely sticking around in my staple food shop!

6. Managing three visits to the gym before Friday. I'm so proud. It's the first time I think I've ever fitted in three trips and I came away feeling really positive and genuinely proud of myself, if a little achey! I'm sure I won't be able to keep it up but even if I manage the odd week of three workouts and keep up the routine for the rest of the time when things are a little busier then I'll be happy!

7. Flamingos. It may be ridiculous (it definitely is ridiculous) but I really really want a giant inflatable for our upcoming girls weekend away. Unfortunately we're not heading to blue skies and sea but to the Suffolk countryside, with a lake. But I still want one! Sarah indulged me and totally made my Thursday night with a set of three mini inflatable flamingo drink holders which are definitely more acceptable for the weekend mini-break. The big inflatable isn't forgotten and will most certainly be on my list for next summer but for now I am more than happy!

8. Supper with the girls. I caught up with Gee and Sara for supper which was so lovely. I studied at uni with them both and it was great to catch up after a couple of months of plans not quite working out, over big bowls of pasta and an Aperol Spritz or two!

9. Sleeping with the windows open. So refreshing, if a little noisy and I seem to have slept so much better the last few nights with a little bit of a breeze coming in.

10. Having the time to catch up on blog reading and my Bloglovin' account. I've finally read everything that I haven't found time for over the past few weeks. I find blogs a great way to get ideas and inspiration - for food, recipes and places to visit. There's a few lovely ladies that I've followed for years now and catching up on their lives every few days has definitely become a part of the norm. Tube and train journeys are my normal time for reading and it feels good to be caught up, as trivial as it may seem! The last couple of weeks have been busy and I'm excited to go into the next week with everything a little more in place and organised, having had a little bit of time to myself this weekend. 

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