Sunday, 15 May 2016

Exploring East London

On Friday night, one of my oldest friends came to stay. I've know Catherine since she was 3 months old, and I was four. We've grown up pretty-much as sisters, living in each others houses and going to each others mummy's to help with the dramas! Catherine lives at home in Suffolk so when she gets the chance for a trip to London, I like to show her local life, rather than the main attractions. This weekend was no different: Street Feast at Dalston Yard, a Fat Buddha yoga class at Dalston Roof Garden and lunch at Broadway Market. So basically a weekend of my favourite things and favourite people, all revolving around good food!

Sarah and Sara joined us after work on Friday night and after piling on the layers and leaving handbags at home, we headed out to Street Feast. A five minute walk from the flat, the Street Feast concept is a good one and its just re-opened for the summer. A car park has been taken over yet again by some of the best pop-up food and drinks vendors. Gin, wine, cocktails and rum and chicken, lobster, tacos, burgers and ceviche have all been included in the mix. Of course we had to sample a little bit of everything.. 

We started of at BoB's Lobster, one of my favourite vendors from last summer, located right near the entrance to the venue. I went for the tuna tacos and they were delicious. Fresh and flavoursome and just the right sized portion to allow me to go for a second dish! Catherine went for the lobster Mac'n'Cheese and this too was unbelievably good. A rich sauce with chunks of fresh lobster and topped with crispy shallots. It may have been so good that after wandering round the whole venue, I decided to go back and order my own portion. Are you ready for the close up? 

It was seriously good and I will be going back for this alone! Sarah and Sara started at Mother Clucker. Chicken strips in what I'm told was a seriously-good batter, with chipotle and a mayo-esque dressing. £6 a go and worth every penny.  

Next came Sashimi, more chicken, sweet potato fries and another browse to see what else we had room for. The fairy lights came on, the fires we're lit and the atmosphere stepped up. Its a great place for a chilled Friday night - not too loud so you can still catch up with friends but with an atmosphere that makes you want to stick around (and obviously the food and drink offering helps with this too!). As it was so chilly, we decided to head home for dessert and wine on the comforts of the sofas, but vowed to head back soon for more food exploring!

Street Feast is free to enter before 7pm. If you're savvy and live locally, get your stamp on the way home from work, dump your bags (empty hands are needed for food pop ups) and head back once you've layered up as it chills down quickly. If you get the chance to visit, do. More details here

The next morning, it was time for smoothies and yoga. We headed to a Fat Buddha class with Jessica Skye at Dalston Roof Garden. While it wasn't as sunny as it has been for the last few days it was amazing to be doing a class out in the open. The space is really cool (and once again only opens through summer with a bar and pop up food stands at weekends) and feels very tranquil above the buzz of Dalston on a Saturday morning. The class is an hour long which carried us perfectly from breakfast to lunch (I did say that food was the priority this weekend!). Refreshing and the perfect way to get into the weekend after a busy week at work. 

Photo from @fatbuddhayoga

Photo from @FatBuddhaYoga
For lunch we headed to Broadway Market and after eyeing up the desserts on pretty much every stall, decided to head to Franco Manca for mains so that we could sit down and continue our catch ups before having dessert on the go to follow.

It was so so lovely to have Catherine here for a couple of days, to have the time to catch up and explore and I'm already looking forward to popping the next date in the diary! Food, yoga and more food truly is the best way to start the weekend!

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