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Studio Review: The Detox Kitchen

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As promised, I wanted to take the time to offer some quick reviews on the yoga studios that I've visited to date. Each one is so different, the teachers so individual and in an increasingly growing wellness market, I think it can be hard to choose what's right for you.

Since re-starting yoga a couple of months ago, I've visited a variety of studios around London, trialing classes, teachers and styles. I'm definitely a Vinyassa girl but can take background from other practices - for examples teachers that take Vinyassa classes but have a background in Iyengar, with a specific focus on getting the posture 'just right'. So, my first studio review is the wonderful Detox Kitchen in Fitzrovia, which has been my destination of choice for the past couple of weekends.

stairwell the detox kitchen

The Studio at The Detox Kitchen is set downstairs from the main cafe and shop, the brand flagship in Fitzrovia. While the space is just one road back from the rush of Oxford Street, the street is calm and quiet. There are tables outside to allow you to sit in the sunshine and big communal benches inside. Food, coffee and juice and served from a big counter and everything is very white, perfectly designed and perhaps most importantly, simple.

The Space 

The Studio is just one staircase down from the main cafe which I initially thought might mean it was a little noisy. It's a small space (both of the classes I've been to have only had 8 students and a teacher - a definite bonus) but made to feel big with white walls, mirrors and cubby holes for personal belongings to ensure the space stays clear and neutral. Noise isn't carried from the upstairs cafe space and it feels tranquil and calm.  Mats are good but not great- go for the textured side rather than smooth for less slip! 


The Detox Kitchen have their own online booking platform which makes booking on to classes simple and easy. While little information is provided on each individual class, the system is very succinct. Yoga classes are priced at £15 for 45 minutes and £17 for 60 minutes, or you can purchase an five or ten hour class pass to bring the cost down a little. The great thing about the venue is that your first class is free so you can trial the space and teachers before officially committing. You receive an email reminder the day before your class and there's no checking in process as such on arrival, making everything feel very boutique and easy.

The Tutors

I've visited the studio twice in the last couple of weeks, firstly for a Saturday morning class starting at 11.30am with Tamzin Muir- Yoga 1 and 2. I've also tried Vinyasa Flow Yoga on a Sunday at 10am, with was scheduled to be taught by Annie Clark of Mind Body Bowl but was actually taught by her friend Lottie. Both teachers were fantastic and I couldn't have been happier with the tutor substitution. The first class with Tamzin focused on a lot of spine work, shoulder opening and correct positioning, with a few sequences throughout the practices. It was succinct and interesting throughout and just what I needed after a busy week in the office. Lottie's class was very dynamic, with inversions and a lot of movement. It was a great way to wake up on a Sunday morning. 

Both tutors were also fantastic with their modifications and explanations and I love that due to the size of the class they both had time for corrections and suggestions, which isn't always the case in bigger groups. I love teachers that don't focus too much on the spiritual side of thing and prefer the practise and exercise to be the focus - where it's all about the individual and your movements - and both Lottie and Tamzin offered this. Thank you ladies!

Added Extras

The first time I visited the studio was a fairly chilly Spring morning and I loved that there was a pile of blankets ready for the class. There are also lavender eye masks for Savasana and an array of blocks and straps dotted around the room. Everything feels easy and has been thought of. There's lemon and mint water available upstairs and the cafe staff seemed lovely too!

Final Thoughts

The Studio is one of my faves. Small groups, free introductions, a white space and a central location. Everything is considered, you only have to walk up the stairs after the class for an array of delicious lunch and snack offerings and the teachers that I've experienced so far seem to really 'get it'. Dynamic, challenging and yet exploratory, built for every level and really focused on each person in the class. The teachers match the quality of the space and that for me says a lot. I think The Detox Kitchen is going to fast become one of my regular choices!

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