Saturday, 23 April 2016

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

The past week seems to have flown by... Two after work events, a million meetings, a couple of gym classes and trying to fit in time to be in bed before 11 wherever possible (I'm an absolute 8 hour girl). It's felt like a positive week though. The flat has been full of flowers, I've woken up to sun shining through the blinds at least twice and May is a month of fun, with some great plans in place already. Here are the things that have made this last week great... 

1) Friday night mussels. Last Friday was the perfect ending to the week. Mussels, a whole French stick and a very chilled evening. The week had been crazy busy and a night with the lovely Sarah was exactly what was needed. Ending with yoga poses on the sitting room floor wasn't quite part of the plan after devouring about a million mussels but all part of the fun!! 

2) Yoga classes. I've been getting back into yoga over the past few weeks and have tried classes with Fat Buddha, Frame and Lulu Lemon. I'm loving the most of tutors and it's really helping stretch out my muscles after exercise. 

3) The implant. I had it fitted a couple of weeks ago and have had no problems so far... I'm only 3 weeks in so this could all change but so far, so good! 

4) Some great meetings at work, potential collaborations and positive steps. 

5) Sunshine, skin coloured tights and summer dreaming. Isn't it amazing when it feels like summer is just round the corner? I'm dying to get my tights off and get my dresses out from the deep dark depths of my winter wardrobe. 

6) Having salads for lunch again. Smoked salmon, lemon juice, olive oil. Good leaves, sundried tomatoes and mozerella balls. There's nothing better than fresh ingredients and this combo has been my go to of choice over the past week. 

7) Learning. I love it when you learn at events. Networking is fab, don't get me wrong but there is something amazing about going to an event and coming away with a wealth of unexpected knowledge. I went to a Walpole evening on Wednesday and the wonderful Carla Buzazi of WGSN gave a talk on the importance of brand in the luxury era. From generation z to y and alpha and everything in between, it was a great insight into power of social, direct from the trend forecasters themselves! 

8) Date night. We were meant to head out of dinner, but Thursday turned into a bit of a big night for some of us (the boy). Instead we curled up with pizza and chocolate cake, a trashy movie and decided on an early bed time. Date night has been replanned for next week to include the new Jungle Book film so I can't really complain! 

9) Smoothies for breakfast. Frozen berries, almond milk, Brazil nuts, agave syrup and oats. My favourite combination and one that actually keeps me full until lunchtime and tastes good too. 

10) Knowing that tomorrow will be the marathon (I'm writing this on a cosy Saturday night) and that Pips will be running, and we'll all be there cheering. We spent yesterday afternoon making a banner for her and as this is my first time as a marathon spectator I'm excited! 

Here's to good Sunday, and a great week to come. Payday is round the corner and there's a bank holiday on the horizon which makes May an even better month... 

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