Friday, 29 April 2016

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

I’m so ready for this weekend. Bank holiday and three days to potter. Mummy is heading to London for the day, I've got a yoga class and a haircut booked, and a date day to explore the city with the boy on Monday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we have lovely weather after the last week of not knowing how to get dressed in the morning (and snow, I mean how is it okay for there to be snow in London in April?!) and am looking forward to a chilled out couple of days in the city. Here’s to a happy weekend! And here’s what’s made me happy this week…

1. Marathon Sunday. Seeing the fabulous Pips run the London marathon in 3 hours and 27 minutes. And then say that she was fine, her thighs were just a little sore!! Utter craziness. We celebrated with a big meal at Dishoom in Shoreditch. The paneer curry is delicious and I highly recommend the dhal. Dishoom is a different kind of Indian restaurant. Fresh, traditional and nothing like the dishes you would get from a takeaway. If you haven't visited yet, go!

2. Getting a seat on the tube. I must have just had a lucky week but seem to have managed to grab a seat on nearly every journey. Refreshing after a long day when there's a busy carriage - thank you tube!

3. Jungle Book. I went to see the new version on Wednesday evening and it made me oh so happy. And definitely five years old again in terms of my excitement levels. 

4. Newly painted nails. There really is nothing better. I went for a nudey-pink called 'Fashion Dust' from & Other Stories, which I can't get enough of at the moment. 

5. Candles before I go to sleep. Top tip: Primark sell big square candles in great scents (sea salt and lavender anyone?) for a mere £2 a go. While they definitely aren't luxury and no wear near the quality of Diptyque or Jo Malone, they're great if you want to light a few around the room. I'm at the 'one expensive and a few cheaper stage' right now as definitely couldn't keep up with my candle habit if I didn't have some good substitutions in place! 

6. The Ocado order that is coming over the weekend. Is it just me that loves food shopping? Maybe I just love food a bit too much but I've been adding to my basket everyday and am more than a little excited for the delivery!

7. The vase of beautiful pink tulips that have been on the kitchen table all week, brightening up the whole flat.

8. Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream. I've been combining it with the Midnight Recovery Serum which I've been loving for a while now and its such a winning combination.

9. A productive week of emails. Heading home this evening with only a few things in my inbox and everything seems to have fallen into place a little bit; conversations are progressing and there are lots of exciting opportunities in the pipeline!

10. Monday night yoga classes at Frame. I've been to the Victoria Frame Yoga class for the past couple of weeks now and its such a nice way to end a Monday. My core may hurt the day after (I'm working on it!) but its nice to to head down after a busy Monday and just have a hour to relax and focus on stretching out. The class is with Dimithu Fonseka and she's great; calming but challenging and each class has been structured in a different way to ensure that the sequences don't feel repetitive.

Happy bank holiday weekend! 

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