Thursday, 21 April 2016

Sunny London

I've been dreaming of beaches and bikinis, of blue skies and blue sea for a while now. But London just looks better when the sun shines and the weather is definitely helping my cravings for some travel. 

The roads around work look amazing when I pop out at lunchtime and Berkley Square is looking greener and greener each day. I'm looking forward to lazy lunches in the park, quick breaks from the office in the sunshine and of course the weekends and summer playtime.

There are so many things that I want to try in London this year. Its my second summer in the city and there are lots of things that I didn't get to do last year, and of course things I want to try again...

1) The lido at London Fields. I discovered it last year but didn't get the chance to go. Outdoor swimming that's clean and close by, seemingly not too chilly and with cake for when you're done in the adjoining cafe? Sounds like a good combo to me! 

2) Hampstead ponds. Another one that's been on my list for a while. A sunny day, a group of friends and a mission to try and not put your feet down / try not to think to much about what's in the water with you while you swim! I'm not sure that swimming with the ducks is my first choice but I definitely think it'll be an experience. 

3) The return of the Magnum bar. Not confirmed but we're hopeful it'll happen. If you didn't visit last year (or the year before at Selfridges) its an absolute must. Essentially, design your own ice cream but the choices are so much better than the ice creams you buy off the shelf and the opening times make it the perfect stop of for after work dessert. And they're even open for brunch if that's more your thing! 

4) After work wine. With lighter evenings comes more wine time. Pub visits after work, date nights and spontaneous catch ups. Summer just has a way of making diaries fuller and plans more frequent. 

5) Long walks exploring hidden corners, followed by pub lunches. 

6) Brunch, outside in the sunshine. Whenever possible. There are so many spots on my list that I'm keen to try, from Clapham to Pimlico and Shoreditch to Central. I feel like its going to be a summer of food! 

7) Peonies at Columbia Road. They make me feel like summer has truly arrived and I take every opportunity to visit. I'm pretty sure that this year will be no different. 

8) Outdoor cinema. It's always a risk in this pretty city with its temperamental weather to book anything in advance but there are so many great pop ups this year and some real classics on show - from Somerset House to a Stratford car park. I think I need to get at least one date in the diary! 

9) Picnics. Anywhere and everywhere. 

10) And lastly, yoga on the roof at Dalston Roof Park with Fat Buddha. £10, Saturday mornings and outside - what's not to like? The sessions start again in a few weeks and I can't wait! I didn't get to try it last year and have been enjoying yoga for the past couple of weeks so am very excited for these to start. 

Any more recommendations for summer in the city? 

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