Friday, 8 March 2013

Life, lately #1

The last couple of weeks have been busy, busy, busy. My blogging has been awful so though I'd just give you a slight insight as to why I have been MIA! I'm off to Rome this weekend but promise to get back on the blogging case once I'm home - I'm sure there will be stories. 60, 20 and 21 year olds in Italy, for a week. How can there not be?! Anyway, more on that to come. The last couple of weeks have involved a trip home, presents from India from my biggest sister who's living out there (and if you're reading this who I miss very much!!), some baby time, lots of food, a 21st, a navy ball- and that was just for starters! 

My gorgeous pressies- make up bag, silk scarf, pj shorts and fairy lights with an Indian plug (always a challenge!!) 

My gorgeous mummy and her grand-daughter. The best baby ever!

Ona, chilling out.

Jumble Sale at home.The best things. Clothes from as little as 20p! I left with a Vera Moda jumper dress for £1. Last time it was riding boots for 20p and a Liberty silk scarf for 50p - and the woman was worried about over charging me!! Ah the beauty of the countryside and old lady wardrobe clearouts!!

We made a feast and this was dessert. Chocolate mousse with a magic ingredient of... Avocado?!!? Delish though!

Mummy and I cooked a banquet. From fish curry to sag aloo and spicy broccoli. I wish I could go home everyday for the fridge and amazing food alone!

M&S easter egg - somebody, please?! He's too cute!

My housemate's 21st. More cake, and cava, and wine, of course! We had a Tiki themed night out - the costumes were amazing, especially the boys strangely enough!!

'Trends' photoshoot for Brighton Fashion Week...

And a ball... where the boys were definitely better at posing than the girls!

A fabulous couple of weeks!


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