Sunday, 5 May 2013

Silk shirts and sparkly shoes

Today, I embarked on my first car bootsale of the season and it was a good one! Until a few years ago I was the biggest carboot snob, but then I grew up, learnt how to ignore the inevitable tat and realised how many incredible finds there can be with the right eye!

In fact, I end up buying most of my wardrobe at car bootsales. A fluro pink Hermes clutch remains my best purchase, bought for 20p and while that isn't the most normal find, vintage pieces definitely are, as well as good quality high street for a fraction of the price. I resent paying £40 for something when I can find it for 50p! And the best bit if advice I was given by my sisters when I decided that actually bootsales were quite fun and I stopped being ridiculous about them? Haggle! Sellers can always say no!

Today's buys were fab. 2 silk shirts from Coast and a gorgeous lbd, all for a fiver! A huge floral scarf and some Ralph Lauren bits for my niece topped off my rummaging haul, roll on the summer season of exciting finds!

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