Saturday, 18 May 2013

Backstage: Saima Majid SS2013 Lifestyle Shoot

On Wednesday I popped down to Brighton for a photoshoot with the Saima Majid SS collection. I wanted to showcase the collection to demonstrate the versatility of the products. The shoot was based on epitomising the models' individual personalities, with styling focused on their own wardrobes: a LBD, a typically summer outfit and an outfit that would be worn on a country walk! The collection can be worn in so many ways and my aim for the day was to focus on this - the shots look incredible and I'm now eagerly anticipating the final edit! Hair and make up were kept simple and I had an incredible team that really ensured the day went without a hitch, despite the hail storm that rained down on us mid hair and make up and made a mad run to a very welcoming local pub completely essential!!
I thought I'd share a few backstage shots with you of what really was a fantastic shoot, with what I hope will be fabulous results! The models made my job all the easier and worked fantastically to showcase the brand. Final shots to follow!


Scarves -
Producer and Stylist - Ali Moss-Thomas
Shoot Assistant - Liviy Gordon 
Clothes - Model and Stylists Own
Photographer - Pavan Wilder
Hair - Chloe King
Make Up - Conor Reading
Location - Southover Grange, Lewes
Models - Lizzie Griffiths, Emily Bunclark, Sara Soroya Ali, Jade Barker

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