Thursday, 30 May 2013

Francis Leon

I would never have known about Francis Leon were it not for my local charity shop and being home to try and motivate myself to revise with the promise of mummy food and a full fridge!!

Francis Leon was founded in Australia in 2009 and produces exquisite leather jackets, following a nonchalant yet signature style, combining unlikely mixes of high quality leather and sportswear fabrics in feminine, elegant cuts. The styling is bold and inspiration is found in the pages of old superhero comic books, in the manifesto of the Italian Futurists and in the systematic strength of the urban landscape, taking form in dynamic panelling and detailing. Soft Italian leather makes each piece feel exceptional and the cuts are gorgeous.

Stocked in the UK at Liberty and Harvey Nicks, I'd never even heard of the brand until I popped into the charity shop for a revision break. Hanging up right by the door was a gorgeous charcoal and black leather, priced at £12.50. I couldn't resist trying it on and it fitted perfectly! I googled the label and found a whole range of beautiful jackets and the one I had found, in pretty much perfect condition, was priced at $680AD. Wow. Talk about an incredible find! Perfect with jeans and boots in winter and to throw on when the evenings get chilly in summer the leather, and perhaps also the brand, is definitely my best charity shop find so far! I love luxury and designer pieces but my taste doesn't combine so well with my student budget; a good eye and incredible charity shops in the countryside are definitely okay for the time being!!

My jacket is BUCK, from the current collection and is described as the naughty kid of the collection, always up to no good! Charcoal leather and Japanese cotton knit and pretty gorgeous if I say so myself!

You can check out the rest of the collection and international stockists here and the jackets seem to pop up on eBay from time to time as well!

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