Friday, 20 September 2013


This summer has been a busy one. From work, to family, to friends and everything in between, I feel like I've barely had a minute to sit down, let alone to blog. Summer has also been amazing though and I have lots to share from the last couple of months, as well as lots coming up that look set to be exciting! However, the end of my summer was without a doubt a high point.

When I was 19, the summer after my gap year before starting uni, 19 of my friends and I headed to a chateaux in the middle of the French countryside. We'd done Magaluf and vowed never to go back. Instead, we played tennis, swam, chilled out, ate and drank far to much. It was incredible and this year we decided to do it all over again. 15 of us, 4 cars, countless bottles of champagne and some of the most incredible days of the summer. The only way for me to share it is in pictures. They sum up the chilled to the chaotic, the catch ups to the cuddles and everything in between. I just hope that we do it all again in years to come! Here's France 2013 in pictures...

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