Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Norfolk wedding

A few weeks ago, I headed to the middle of Norfolk for a long awaited family wedding and I couldn't resist sharing a few of the pics. The formal dress code was a little off putting at first, as much as I love playing dress up as there was just nothing in any of the shops without spending an absolute fortune!!

In the end I settled on a dress that I found at Spitalfields- a gorgeous red with a plunging neck line but moderate in length, as necessary in order to gain the mothers approval!! I teamed it with some incredible black wedges, a black jacket from Mango, a statement necklace that was a pressie for my 21st and my much adored Butler and Wilson clutch. 

The Outfit

We started the day with a hearty brekkie of dippy eggs and soldiers, eaten whilst doing hair before jumping in the cars for the two hour journey into farmer country! 


The ceremony was in a very cute little church in a little village, and after a very classy quick change in the Vicar's dressing room, we took our seats, baby included.

Family pic
It was a gorgeous service and the couple made the journey from the church to reception in a tractor and trailer to celebrate their farming roots. It was a really nice touch, especially as there was room for some of the guests to join them.

The happy couple



Wedding guests

Arriving at the venue, we were greeted with Champagne cocktails, a gorgeous room in the country mansion house and a chance to check out everyone else's outfits - always a high point in a group of people you don't know very well!! It was lovely to spend the day with my sisters and mummy, something that we don't get to do very often.

A room with a view

The reception mansion

Mummy and daughters 

We sat down to the Wedding Breakfast, already feeling slightly tipsy and were greeted with frozen melon balls in kilner jars, followed by a delicious risotto and tart tatin for dessert. We passed my niece round the table and she was more than happy befriending every man in the room - something that I'm sure she'll only continue to do!

Table decs

Kilner jar watermelon

Place names



And the main affair

Joy Joy

The happy groom

The biggest bed I've ever slept in!

The day was gorgeous and the best way to sum it up is with a few more pics. Thanks to Andre and Rachel for inviting us to such a lovely day. It has only confirmed just how much I love weddings!!

Mummy and I 

Mid afternoon posing

Some of the gorgeous flowers 

And the oldies dancing

Chilling out the morning after the night before


And brekkie the morning after the night before! So delish!

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