Monday, 22 July 2013

Promenade #4

Promenade issue #4 has just been released.

This is big.

Produced by Sussex Style, the society that I run at Uni, the magazine is produced bi-annually and covers everything from fashion to lifestyle, film and music reviews to beauty tips. It aims to epitomise not just a student lifestyle, but instead offer something for everyone, guys and girls alike.

I thought I'd share a few pics of the brand new issue with you, a little taster before you click through and read the whole magazine here

This issue is all about summer. And festivals. And summery festival fashion. Not to mention a fab shoot on Brighton beach featuring some of my favourite brands, including Saima Majid who I'm currently interning for (and who I should mention currently have a 50% sale on silk scarves here!).

The shoot is probably one of my favourite things about the issue. Its bright, bold, classic and eye catching. What more do you need from summer fashion? The models are gorgeous society members and the shoot was styled by the society's Fashion Director. What a fab job they did and a massive thank you to all of the brands that collaborated with us to ensure the perfect execution. There's lots of stunning shots but here's a couple as a sneek peek...

An article on Miss Delevinge demonstrates that this is not just a student fashion magazine. Instead Promenade uses an educated tone to really convey a point. Without the need for demonstrations as Sussex is seemingly so infamous for!! 

Summer festivals are a key component. From Bestival nautical make up advice, to festival fashion and some tips on the places to go outside of the mainstream calender, this issue of Promenade really does have something for everyone. From exhibition reviews, cultural discussions and the bands to watch, the selection of articles truly demonstrates eclectic Sussex.

I choose not to write or edit the magazine and instead just oversee editorial meetings and try to ensure that everything gets done to schedule. I like taking a back seat on this part of the society. It means that it's as much as a surprise to me as to you when the mag finally goes to print (or to Issuu, perhaps - we haven't quite got the funding for a print run yet, donations more than welcome!!). The magazine is going from strength to strength and I can't wait to see what direction the Winter issue chooses to take.

Check out issue #4 and back issues here and like Promenade on Facebook here.



  1. This looks absolutely incredible! You should be so proud of yourself. Going to flick through it all properly this evening. Huge congrats - what a feat! X

    1. PS. So honoured to be on your blogroll - thank you so much! X

    2. Thanks India, a lot of hard work but we're very proud of the finished product! I love your blog, always something new and exciting to read about- thanks for following! Ali <3