Saturday, 26 October 2013

Home Sweet Home

I spent last weekend at home, eating drinking and catching up. There is nothing better than being sat at home in the sitting room in front of a fire, with a big glass of wine and mummy! I really didn't do anything apart from eat and drink and chat but sometimes I think that's all that is needed. The last few weeks at uni have been crazy busy and it was a relief to have a little bit of a break. Home is cosy, countryside and the fridge is always full - my kind of heaven!

We went to Lucca for lunch on the Saturday, Nutella pizza is incredible. This was followed by a trip to the newly opened Shephard in Langham on the Sunday - not great - but the company giggled and my niece kept us all entertained! The Aspalls was on tap though and that for that alone it was worth the trip! Babies are a huge component of my home life as everyone around me knows - a 1 year old niece and a 7 week old Godson really do keep me entertained and I love to go home for some playtime with them!

Home grown raspberries and a good bottle of Sauvingnon really do sum up my perfectly chilled weekend at home!

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