Saturday, 5 October 2013

Shake Shack

Last week I headed to Shake Shack for one of my favourite's 23rd birthdays! An LA favourite, this place has just opened at the centre of the market in Covent Garden. I didn't know much about it unless I arrived apart from that you couldn't book so was excited as to what it would be like.

We began the night at Sarah's, getting ready, popping open some fizzy for birthday celebrations and catching up. I love seeing my home girlies and it always a novelty during term time to get to meet up as we are all dotted all over the country. 

The birthday lady

Located right in the centre of the old market this place is pretty cool. When you arrive you have to queue for a table but everything moves fairly quickly and the staff are really accommodating. We managed to get space for 10 of us to sit together and headed to the kiosk to order drinks. There is one rule that we didn't realise though: no alcohol without food. So of course we ordered a bottle of wine and chips. And then did the same again as each person arrived from work. (Most of my friends have graduated as I took 2 gap years!!). 

By the time the last person arrived we were starving and having pursued the menu for the last hour or so we were keen to order. I went for the only veggie option, the 'shroom burger, which was really good, while everyone else selected from the range of different 'proper' beef burgers.

Its almost like a posh McDonalds - you order at the kiosk, and get a buzzer that tells you when your food is ready. Mmmm we were very happy when ours went off, after a mad rush between ordering and eating to Tesco Express to buy candles for the birthday cake!

The evening was so chilled and lovely, despite the amount of wine consumed and this place is well worth a visit! Its well priced and yummy and a great place for a quick bite to eat. We ended up staying for hours before moving on to Leister Square and some slightly more hazy memories!

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