Sunday, 1 July 2012

40 Winks: Bedtime Story Nights

I’ve just found out about a fab event in London’s East End. My gorgeous (and very pregnant!) sister came to visit for the weekend and a couple of weeks ago and she bought with her a bit of insightful London knowledge as she always does to our little bit of secluded Suffolk countryside!!

Situated on The Mile End Road, David Carter, the eccentric proprietor of exclusive Hotel 40 Winks, offers nights of story telling to adult guests combined with Hendrick’s gin and canapes. The only stipulation is that you must know the riddle (sent out by email a few days before) and arrive wearing pyjamas!

Bedtime Stories is an idea that Mr Carter came up with a few years ago and has proved to be a huge hit. Around 30 guests arrive at 7pm in time to change into their pyjamas and nighties - you can be as glamorous as you fancy or so I understand. Hendrick’s is served from teacups and guests then retire to cushions to relax and listen to professional storytellers. The night winds down with a musician playing a few pieces once the stories have been told.
Fashion Beyond Fashion describes the event as follows:
The new-dandy customized boutique hotel 40 Winks, based in the vibrant area of East London – included in the Sunday Times Travel magazine list of the fourteen most amazing things to do in the world – continues to develop catchy happenings in the realm of fashion and literature. Bedtime Story Nights – a series of events and performances involving readings by the award-winning story-teller Rachel Rose Reid – is the last initiative launched by its owner, the interior designer David Carter. A successful chance to share the delights of literature.

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There are prizes for the best dressed guest and the charms of the eccentric host are said to very much add to the atmosphere of the evening. My sister has luckily got some of the sought after tickets for July’s event and I can’t wait to go and see what it’s all about, as well as explore the curious house. I look forward to sharing the stories!

If the Bedtime Story Nights in a boutique setting appeal to you then contact David on the email address below.

Bedtime Stories £25 per head
To book, please email

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