Saturday, 16 February 2013

The 14th

I really don't like Valentines day. Controversial coming from a girl I know but for me it's commercial and I'd much rather give presents and go out for supper because I want to rather than because a day prescribes that I should. The boy knows this- I made it very clear! - so I was amazed when I arrived at his house on Monday evening to a candle lit kitchen, a bottle of Prosecco (I'm allergic to champagne) and a 3 course meal. Wow. I was impressed to say the least!!

It was the least cringey evening and so lovely to just spend some time chilling out. Spinach and feta pastries to start, salmon with a pesto cream, new potatoes and salad for main with wine to match and an amazing cake for dessert. Not all homemade - I probably would have fainted at the shock!! - but delicious all the same.

I contributed with a nice bottle of wine and pain au chocolates for brekkie. Perfect way to spend the 14th!



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