Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wanting… The Whistles Slogan Sweatshirt (and some sleep!)

A little bit of Asos browsing last night revealed this beauty. Unfortunately its out of stock or my bank balance would have been very unhappy! Its ridiculously over priced but I love the simplicity of the design, sentiment of the slogan and cut - Whistles are great with their tailoring in my experience. 

Worded clothing always seems a bit 90s - in the wrong way - to me. But when Whistles are doing it you know its good! And after all, at least its not the same slogan that 100s of other people have 'chosen' looking like they've fallen straight out of Topshop! Navy is the perfect colour to throw on with some leggings and ankle boots on these chilly winter days. Accessorise with a chunky snood and a couple of statement bracelets and you're good to go. The perfect outfit for chill out days.

Now just hurry up and get it back in stock Asos? 

Here's to carefree enjoyment of life! (Starting tomorrow once finals are over, of course!)


  1. Whata cute top!


  2. Very cute xx