Sunday, 14 June 2015

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

As Spring turns to Summer the adventures seem to increase and the longer days seem to somehow get more and more full. But I for one am definitely not complaining. My desire to sit in front of a screen and write a blog post after a long day at work is fairly low right now and with the onset of brighter evenings recently, I seem to have had an after work plan more often than not (naughty on school nights!). This weekend has been such a chilled one though and I feel truly refreshed, somehow still tired - what is that about?! - and well and truly ready for summer to begin!

This week has been filled with good food, good company and a rapidly fading tan (take me back to Greece already… we were there a month ago and it has flown by!). Here's the things that have made me happy this week… 

1) Chill out time. I didn't make any plans for the whole weekend for the first time in a long time and it was so great. I barely left the house on Sunday but, sometimes, I think that's just very needed. 

2) Having the boy in London on a permanent basis. Coming home from work and just being able to chat about life generally without picking up the phone to do so, not planning or setting dates weeks in advance and actually getting to hang out whenever we want to. A-mazing! I don't think the novelty is going to wear off for a long time. 

3) Cereal bars. Have you tried Trek yet? If not do, and make sure its the coconut one. So good and wheat free which means its not even naughty! The Natural protein bars with dark chocolate are pretty yum too but I'm pretty sure they have a few more of the naughty ingredients in them! 

4) A Friday night with my uni girls. Drinks in the sunshine, Burger & Lobster followed by Snog fro-yo. Big catch ups, plans for summer (and Autumn), good white wine, plans for the beach and chats about next steps. Exciting and lovely after way too long a gap. 

5) Managing to take both breakfast and lunch to work four days out of five. I've realised two things recently: firstly, buying lunch every day is SO expensive, and secondly its really not that nice. The homemade stuff is so much better. And so much easier to do in the summer for some reason. Salads have been on the menu daily - don't worry, never just leaves! - and they are they cheaper, tastier, nicer and so much more enjoyable. Smoked salmon or halloumi on top, a sprinkling of dill and some crackers on the side and it really is all good. Breakfast of choice has to be muesli and yoghurt… a spoonful of Yeo Valley strawberry along with some natural, throw in some chopped banana and you've got the perfect combo. 

6) Drinks at Udderbelly on Saturday night. The first Pimms of summer, seeing old faces and meeting some new ones. Great place to spend a sunny evening and climbing into bed to watch the new series of Orange Is The New Black really wasn't too bad either. 

7) Finally coming out the other side of my chest infection after three weeks of feeling rubbish. Bronchitis is horrid, I'm not a fan. Starting to feeling a little bit more normal when you wake up in the morning is totally great though. It's amazing how noticeable just feeling normal is after something like that and I'm definitely relishing in it! 

8) Climbing into clean linen. Yes, I change my linen every week but that doesn't make the feeling of new sheets fade -isn't it just the best? I took a little trip to Ikea a couple of weeks ago and bought new pattered pillow cases to go with my white linen sets, and big cushions in greys and muted pinks and now bed somehow feels even more incredible to climb into. 

9) Cooking with fresh herbs. I forget just how great they are sometimes, like when the plants die and I don't buy new ones straight away, but they just make every dish better. Basil is big right now! 

10) And finally, knowing that in five sleeps I'm going home for baby and mummy time. Saying that I can't wait would be an understatement! 

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