Sunday, 1 March 2015

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

Hello blog. Its been a long time. Apologies for that. London has a way of filling your time, ensuring you are exhausted, satisfied and yet somehow simultaneously ready for the next adventure and the last few months have been non-stop.

As responsibility grows at work so do my hours and the last couple of weeks have been the first time in a while that I've actually had time at home in the evenings apart from simply crawling into bed, a chance to sort, and to relax. Despite the crazy hours my camera roll has been continually full though and discoveries have been in abundance. This week has been a happy week and thats a good a place as any to start! Here's what has made my week a good one…

1) Let's be British about this. The sunshine. Waking up to sunshine on a Sunday morning, being able to pop on sunglasses, jumper, a scarf AND LEAVE OFF THE COAT and head out for a wander is just one of the best feelings. Not to wish away the months but I am more than ready for Spring.

2) The daffodils that I picked up on Thursday that have just started to open and the gorgeous flowers that were given to us at last nights dinner party. The flat is more than ready for Spring, even if we are meant to be back to the rain and cold tomorrow!

3) Mexican themed suppers. 6 people, fake moustaches and some fab games with school friends. Perfect way to spend a Saturday night.

4) Prosecco Fridays. A ritual at our desks (this week it actually ended up happening on Thursday) come half past 5 that truly signifies the end of a long week.

5) Whistles new season. My gosh. I am in love. Luxe leathers and so much white. Its absolutely perfect and I'm coveting at least half of the collection.

6) Bedtime rituals. My skin seriously suffers in the chillier months, instantly drying out. Taking the time each night to cleanse, tone and moisturise makes such a difference and taking the time of doing it properly is so worth it. (It's still not quite a perfect 7 out of 7. Sleeping with my make up on one night a week when I'm totally exhausted isn't the end of the world is it mummy…?!)

7) Pinterest for recipes. My Eats board is an absolute go to for meal prep Sundays. Breakfast muffins; mushroom risotto; and chickpea sweet potato burgers have all been accomplished today!

8) Beings sent daily pics of my beautiful nieces. They're just delicious.

9) That its only 5 sleeps till I see the boy. We're commuting at the moment and have just had a 3 week break from seeing each other. 3 weeks is a long time, I'm not a fan!

10) Getting confirmation on a booking for this beauty for a weekend away in Brighton. I studied at Sussex so looking forward to a return trip, catch ups with friends and some exploring of the city. Very excited that its only a few weeks away! <3

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