Saturday, 8 August 2015

Kilner lemon water love

On a sunny Saturday morning there really is nothing better than a lazy start, a trip to the market for some fresh seasonal veggies and some chill out time, pottering around the house, local shops and knowing that the whole day stretches out ahead of you, to fill exactly as you please.

I've had the last week off work and had a stay-cation back in Suffolk for some mummy and baby time - very perfect but ridiculously full! Not quite as busy as a work week but somewhere close. This morning, I woke up early but relished being able to lay in bed, not having to be anywhere, windows open and sunshine shining through.

My recent Kilner jug purchase was a very good one. Aren't they just adorable! Big well done to the kilner designers as the range just keeps on getting better and better. These ones come as a set of two with lids, straws and stripes as standard. Fresh lemon water, juices, hemingway sours, mojitos or g&t's all go perfectly with these beauties… <3 Here's to sunny summer Saturdays! 

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