Monday, 10 August 2015

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

You know those weeks that are just 'those' weeks? Everything is good, happy and somehow there are no stresses. This was one of them and these are the 10 things that have made me happy this week… 

1. Sunshine, sunglasses, flowers in the flat and lemon water. It really is the little things. 

2. Mummy time. A whole week of it! Best thing. 

3. Pinterest planning. Dinner parties, events, pretty things. My boards are here and are continually being added to at the moment! 

4. The magnum pleasure bar. My gosh. If you haven't been yet, why not? Located next to the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, this really is a good way to spend an hour or two. There will always be a queue but it goes fast. Choose your ice cream, chocolate coating, chocolate drizzle and toppings and devour! We definitely did! Its only open for a few more weeks so make the most of the chocolate yumminess before the doors close for another season.

5. Beach days with the babies. My god son, his mummy, my niece. A beach hut, lots of food, ice creams, sand in silly places and so many giggles. Happy babies, exhausted grown ups. 

6. Elderflower cordial. A few weeks ago Harri hosted a housewarming garden gathering and we were all reminded just how good elderflower is - pair with fizzy water, gin or vodka it really is the perfect summer drink by all accounts. 

7. Truthful bloggers. Frassy and Rosie have both done recently (I know, I'm playing catch up on the blog reading). Frassy with some truths on blogging, how she doesn't give in just for the money and how there are ups as well as downs. Rosie on her pre-wedding arguments, the normal side of a relationship and how bickering does still happen, even if you're a super famous blogger writing for your career. Social media is all about only portraying the positives and its so nice when some of my favourite bloggers actually admit openly that there are bad times too. 

8. Home has been full of lots of yummy food. Many cakes, snacks, suppers and and a Jamie Oliver inspired tray bake; new pots, fennel, garlic, green beans, plum tomatoes and cod fillet cooked with olive oil and lemon. So good. The original is here

9. White skinnies. This years pair of choice have served me very well and are my favourite summer wardrobe staple.  

10. Baby cuddles. They're amazing. I have two nieces, who are 7 months and nearly 3 and they are both adorable, cuddly, giggly and so enjoyable to spend time with. Between the food and the babies home is very enticing!! 

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