Saturday, 22 August 2015

Portobello wandering

One of my favourite places for a weekend  wander is Portobello Road. Grab a friend, or in my case a sister and set off. Don't take the main roads, wind off into smaller side streets and marvel at the gated houses, statuesque buildings, beautiful flowers and tree lined roads. 

Occasionally pop back onto the main stretch to check out market stalls but realise once again that the lesser known roads are always the best and that you'd much rather be looking at houses you will never be able to afford than clothes anyway. The side streets hide the gems, both house and cafe wise.

The perfect place to grab an Aperol Spritz, read the Sunday papers and catch up with that friend you bought out with you (apparently its cooler if your drink matches your nails don't you know!). And what better way to catch up than in beautiful surroundings after all. It works in any weather too. While sunglasses days outweigh the others who doesn't love wrapping up in jumpers and leather boots for a winter wander? And when there are kitchen shops and of course shoe shops and boutiques to pop into as well that just make it all the better.

Pop it on the list and head to Portobello for a wander, a browse and to get serious house and garden envy. 

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