Friday, 21 August 2015

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

This week seems to have been ridiculously busy. I made a plan every evening and was exhausted by the end of the week. Am I the only one that actually likes heading straight home after work?! (Old before my time...). It was a good one though and here are a few of the things that made it...

1. Gin. Many many gins. George and I spent last Saturday at The Ginstitute in Portobello. It was amazing and will blog about it soon in all its gin infused detail! It may have ended with a very very unplanned night out in Shoreditch and a very very sore head the next day but no plan can be perfect!!

2. Essie Ballerina Slippers nail varnish. Pretty pink perfection and a great summer choice.

3. Girly supper night. Kilner jam jars with very good gin (yes, I know, more of it!), Fever Tree tonic and the best new Thai takeaway discovery. 

4. Waking up with the boy and not having to get out of bed. Lie ins are great, eating breakfast in bed is even better. Especially when it involves crumpets. Big weekend love.  

5. A summer BBQ. South Kensington, good food, colleagues and some Sunday sunshine. Finally a chance to meet all the new work babies (4 pregnancies within 3 months...) which kind of made my Sunday! 

6. Making late summer plans. Chatting to the girls, chatting to the boy and putting some provisional dates in the diary. While summer may be dreary and feel like it's been and gone there's nothing like some plans in the diary to make you feel a little better. 

7. A visit to Home House. Last Tuesday I was invited to Home House located just behind Selfridges in Marylebone. The members only club is comprised of 3 Lonon Townhouses merged together to create a space full of small corners, luxuriously decorated rooms and a central courtyard for drinks or supper. It was great to see the space and be hosted for the evening so big thank you to the Home House events team. 

8. New boots. Black, leather and over the knee. Over the knee boots are my absolute staple, could-not-live-without winter wardrobe option. Well those and big cosy jumpers, obviously. But I finally invested in a new pair to see me through the winter. It may have been a hot sunny day when I placed the order but they were majorly on sale and I would not have got the same quality for my budget in a few weeks time  when I start to actually need them. Apparently is the new time for winter clothes shopping. Who knew? 

9. Ice cold bottles of Picpoul with Liv, Sophie and Lucy. Work girlies old and new, after work in our favourite cosy pub. Hours of catch ups and bottles of good wine. Shouldn't all week nights be spent that way? 

10. Tutu's. My baby niece turns three in a couple of weeks and rightly so is completely obsessed with ballerinas and tutus. And I finally found the perfect one! Dusty pink, full of layers and very cute, I invested in an Angels Face tutu. I can't wait to see her open the box and try it on (but am terrified that it'll be too big and she'll still insist on wearing it!). If only I could have bought a size that would fit me too! 

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