Friday, 10 June 2016


On Sunday morning I met up with Gee at Dolphin Square in Pimlico for a trial of the gym. My current gym contract comes to an end this month so I am taking the opportunity to try out some new venues. We started with an Iyengar yoga class, before heading to the mats for a quick workout and ending with an amazing swim, steam and sauna. It was such a perfect way to start a Sunday morning and so worth getting up early for. 

We finished at the gym around 12pm - otherwise known as brunch time! After a quick google in the changing rooms, we decided to head to Gail's for some food. The sun was shining and it was a gorgeous walk across Pimlico, with its stunning Regency buildings and gorgeous townhouses in varying pastels.  

Gail's was established by 3 friends from around the world who essentially decided that London didn't have good bakeries! It is primarily an artisan bakery but really its so much more. The Pimlico branch has a counter area at the front, and tables at the back. You can take-out or eat-in and there really is something for everyone. From amazing sandwiches, to pastries and quiches, cakes to brownies and sweet treats but it was the breakfast menu that truly excited me. From Sweetcorn Pancakes to Smoked Salmon and Granola to French Toast, I could have eaten pretty much all of it! 

Both Gee I went for the Avocado Salsa - pan fried tomatoes with toasted seeds and coriander cress served on a thick slice of sourdough. And it was so so good. Fresh chunky avo with chilli and garlic, layered with sweet tomatoes and seeds. Avocado is always good but this combo was great and the perfect choice for post-workout.

I couldn't resist grabbing a chocolate and pecan brownie for an afternoon snack which was also amazing. Gooey and not too rich, with very dark chocolate and lots of nuts... perfect Sunday snacking! 

Find Gail's here and details on the Pimlico branch below. I would highly recommend a visit and am keeping my fingers crossed that it will end up being my new 'local' weekend breakfast spot! 

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